How to Get Music for Free From PP Without Any Special Programs Besides Windows Media 9 Maybe 10


Introduction: How to Get Music for Free From PP Without Any Special Programs Besides Windows Media 9 Maybe 10

This instructable will teach you how to get music for free from the free playlist provider, Project Playlist.
(My first Instructable ftw!)
The things you will need:
1. A computer (duh)
2. Internet access (another duh cause your reading this)
3. A Project playlist account. (this is free, you also need to have an email account to get one. i dont think ive ever received a message from them via email, so i wouldnt worry about it. they're legit)
4. WIndows media 9 (you need 9 [10 might work] because it has the option to save media this is the thing i couldn't find on WMP 11 we will be using this option a lot.)
Thats it!

kk, now that the legal stuff is taken care of, lets move on.

Step 1: Getting WMP 9 (if You Have 11, If Ya Dont, Skip This Step)

If you have WMP (Windows media player for all of you people who haven't figured it out yet) 11 (or 10 if it does not have the save media option) you will need 9 (or 10 if it has the option) you can download it for free from many places, just Google it. but when you try to install it, it will probably say something to the effect of, "You have a better version of this program" or something to that effect. You will need to delete your windows media player (if this somehow screws you over, im not respondsible in any way.
When i updated my WMP 9 i was expecting to get 10 (stupid me, i shoulda known the computer was smarter than me.) so when i got 11, i had to get rid of it. I downloaded 9 from something on google but when i tried to install it i got that messege about a better program, so i want to Add/Remove Programs and deleted it. once it was deleted i got the messege "a previous version of this program was on you computer, do you want it?" i clicked accept and i had my old baby back. so for all of you people who updated from 9 to 11 (or 10 to 11 maybe) you have a chance without downloading it, if i were you tho, id download it just to be safe.

Step 2: Finding the Music. (People That Have Used PP Before Can Skip This Step)

Ok, for those of you new to PP (Project Playlist for the slow people) you need to log on and start a playlist. im not gonna give steps to this cause PP gives you steps on how to make one (how nice of them.)
After the playlist is made go to "Search for music" it should be in the upper left hand corner, second button over.
In the search bar type in what ya want. (for me, Jane Fonda by Mickey Avalon, Yeah!)
(Oh for the record, dont type in the "by" in jane fonda by mickay avalon. type in "jane fonda mickey avalon" sorry for those who think im stupid for including this, but i dont want to answer stupid questions.)
Ok, now i have a list of hits for the song. i generally look at the url. to find one that i know has the whole song, (lucky me, i found his from myspace, its probably the whole song [i know it is cause ive been to his myspace lol.])
Click on the song title and you'll be at a page that says, are you sure you want this on your playlist, you should preview cause not all links work. click, "it works, add it to my playlist." The song should now be on your playlist.
(Repeat this over and over to get as much music as you want. [up to 75 songs a playlist, 75s a lot you can download and delete the music anyways once yerr done, so the music is off of yerr playlist and on yerr computer.)
(i just previewed and saw a bunch of hyperlinks, i havent knowingly put these in.)

Step 3: Download!!

Now that you have your music on the playlist, click "my account" to go to your account (duh.) now, go to the bottom of your playlist and click the lovely option, "Stream Playlist" and a list of 3 media players, ive never used Real or Pop up Flash before, (Maybe they are easier? ill figure out later) click windows media player.
PP will automatically open your media player and stream the music through, Different songs will be different tracks.
Go to "file" and select "save media as" make sure your saving to "my music" put in the name like this:
"Mickey Avalon-Jane Fonda" (no spaces between the dash) you can always edit the name of the music in your library.
Congrats! you just downloaded you first song!
you can now go to the next track and save it in the same manner.
when your done downloading, delete all the music you downloaded off of your playlist and get more to download.
Have fun, sorry about you mac people if ya dont have WMP, i cant help you.
BTW i want it known, if you find these instructions on another website, i came up with the idea by myself.
My first instructable yeah!



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    Whats the url to the website?

    i have a torrenting app on my ipod touch, jailbroken. it's pretty bomb diggity.

    You can also use WMP 11. Just press Alt, then go to File, then Save Now Playing List As.

    uhh, when searching for music, you could just click the link to view location of music file, then copy the file location it gives you, put that in your browser, and wala, you're downloading the mp3 file

    1 reply


    This is kind of lame no offense. Bit torrents, are better. I just saw a video about a program called songbird and it is really cool.

    6 replies

    if your gonna get into torrenting, go with azureus... anything else was either looks like it was made in visual basic or otherwise. really, I went through about 7 other torrenting programs before I found azureus, and it rocks.

    Har har if you're going to get into torrenting don't.

    oh well, this works just fine for right now, i can always ask a buddy with limewire if i want a song i cant find lol

    Simply "They're the shit"
    Here is a great How to on how to use bittorrents.
    They are really cool. But if dont want to download any software you can use a internet based downloader like bitlet

    i just like this because its fast (downloads usually only take about 2-3 secs) but i guess that varies on your interent speed. besides, what i cant get from pp i can get from my friend with limewire (i know, lime's not that good) and then get it transferred to me.) plus i didnt have to download anything (besides the music, which has NO spyware or adware or anythign like that)

    or, or! theres bearshare, limewire, morpheus, kazza, torrents, etc!? i prefur Limewire Pro (im a registered paying user :-D )

    7 replies

    true, but this doesnt require the downloading of programs. also, is this illegal? im not sure if it is.

    EVERY way of downloading music is illegal except if you buy it ( even your way id 100% illegal)

    not true. here in austria for example, downloading is perfectly legal, sharing is not. many countries have similar laws. plus there is such a thing as fair use...

    but, can they only get you in trouble if they catch you? or what?

    ya, but low chance of doing so use peerguardian every time you download so you dont get caught ( it blocks millions and billions of gov. riaa, spyware, etc)

    peer guardian? is that like a browser that keeps you "clandestine" so to speak?

    Wiki: <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/>Download: <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/><br/>no it a minimized low memory usage program that blocks all bad stuff, and ips (so many ips!! billions apon billions)<br/>