Introduction: How to Get Music Off Youtube for Free!!!!!

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note: although the website is called youtube to mp3 you can use the file on CDs too and probably ipods and other things like that.

Step 1:

Choose a a video that good even without the footage and watch it all the way through to make sure it's excatly what you want.I chose how to be a heart breaker

Step 2:

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Now open a new tab and type

into the address bar. You shoud come to the page that is in pic 1

Step 3:

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Go back to the tab with your video from youtube on, highlight whats in the address bar and copy it.

Now return to the youtube to mp3 tab and paste the address into the bar shown in pic 1

Step 4:

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Click convert video. Your video should apear above ( as in pic1) and you then click download. Then click on the arrow at the top that should be glowing blue(pic 2). The music might start playing at this point. Restore down your screen and drag the music out onto your desk top. Open up files and save it into music You can now use that music however you want!

Thanks for reading!!!! I hope you enjoyed my insructible ; D


Linkin_J_Knex (author)2015-09-03

Cool I didn't know either of them:-)

justin.vandenbrink.92 (author)2015-08-16

9r you could just put "ss" before the youtube in the URL. example:

to download:

Thanks! i didn't know that.

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