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In this day of highspeed fiber-optic data networks, there are still people who have no viable way to access the internet, other than using the accursed Dial-up service. I am one of them. My parent's house is too far out for companies like Embarq to consider providing DSL to the residents of my road.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I also own a Xbox 360. 80% of the awesomeness that makes up this console comes from online function, and with the lack of higher-speed internet, you won't get to enjoy that 80 percent.

....well, maybe 60% of the fun. I can help you get to 20% of it though. By making your PC share it's dialup connection with your Xbox 360 (or pretty much anything else with a Ethernet jack), you can access Live.

EDIT 04/22/2008: I just got done talking to a friend on the headset, it was perfect aside from some skipping. Sweet!

EDIT 04/23/2008:
It seems I've made the news sites as well.


But G4 had to be an ass about it:

So this is my comment to them, as posted on the article's page:

Hey all, I'm Dr.Professor from Instructables.

If you had gotten your facts straight and read the last step of the tutorial, "Whatcha Can and Can't Do", you would have read that this isn't meant for multiplayer. It's for the guys and girls who want that DivX update most among other ones, who want to put their gamerscore online or who want to chat with people on their friends list.

Libel hurts. If this got on TV along with the "stupid and useless" part, then I believe you owe my parents and me 6 months of satellite internet, along with the 300 dollar setup cost.

I did this for people with no easy/cheap alternative, and you guys managed to turn it into a PS3 vs. 360 argument splattered with a few hateful comments. If you don't think I'm the author, check the front page of the tutorial. I've edited this letter into the front as a disclaimer for any new visitors.

Sincerely a tad pissed,
-Jake "Biggs" Turner
mbittle12 months ago

This is neat....although it doesn't apply to me, it IS Useful.

Jusey13 years ago
I'm having problems. I followed everything but when I test my connection, I get an error.

I have Dial-Up and I use AOL 9.5 (I also have AOL Dialer.)

Another thing is, on the list of internet connections I can select there is two others idk about. Please help me out? I want to redeem some codes I have!
Great Instructable, I had Dial-Up for several years and I HATED it with a passion ( I still do) but we have gotten high-speed now and I dont have to worry about this anymore (Thank God) wish i could have found this when we had Dial-Up still
All in all though nice job 5/5
To be more specific it won't recognize my PC and on the network conection it just says Local in the acess.
I'm having the exact same problem as ChazzDv, excat same thing aol and all that. I was able to do that update thing yesterday, but I don't know whats going on. Will somone plaease help me? I really want to get to playing some DLC for Mass Effect 2
SimonRawr4 years ago
How would I do this on a mac?
system preferences>sharing>internet sharing. use a crossover cable to connect the ethernet cord into the mac and xbox, turn internet sharing on, and select ethernet in the list of connections to share the internet connections with. if you have the xbox wifi adapter you could also share the internet via the AirPort.
ChazzDv4 years ago
I have Windows Vista and AOL Dial Up and nothing seems to work!

Whenever I click the "Allow other network users to connect through this PC" box and click OK a message pops up reading, "Sine your service is currently active, the changes wont apply until you dial back up" then I dial up and dial back on and the changes to the Sharing aren't check!

The same thing happened with the LAN IP Addresses, I type them in and I click OK and the box closes and I go back to it and the changes aren't made! Someone help!

Then Whenever I go to join Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 is has a loading screen for a second or two, but then it says cannot find connection so I click on the button that says TEST CONNECTION and the screen goes blank and it goes to this one screen with two options. Test Wired Connection and Test Wireless Connection and both say I dont have the right equipment.

I know its possible to do this for Vista from AOL Dial Up, so someone be a saint and message me or something telling me how I can fix these massive problems!
TimeDroid4 years ago
is dialup suppost to be slow?
junits155 years ago
how did you connect your xbox to the crt?
Jake Turner (author)  junits155 years ago
I used a VGA cable for the 360. CRT's look so much better compared to a traditional tube set.
do you think I could fudge a cable?
Jake Turner (author)  junits155 years ago
You mean build you own? Not without soldering directly to the 360's mobo.
actually if I didnt just buy the super fancy 250GB xbox, soldering directly to the board doesn't sound like a bad idea :)
actually I was planning to get a cheap component cable and chopping that up, I found a good set of instructions to follow
cody7775 years ago
finnaly i dont want use dial up but i can adapt this to use my satalite internets and save 100$
dial up blows
pac man7 years ago
thank you. my parents wont get high speed internet
same here dude my mom is soooo cheap
so is mine i share ur anger
i know i think all parents just have no generosity

well at least mine dont
i regret saying this but ps3 is probably better than xbox 360 cause the modem is built in
i think
ya sorta
well i think we all have to face it......................

dial up sucks!

does anyone agree?
yes it sucks so bad big monkey balls hate it
RoG Kamina5 years ago
Got to say.. None of this info was usefull in getting live working.
First off i can't get my netzero dail up internet to work with my xbox by route it threw my pc to the xbox which pc those to the phonecord.
If you are playing online, will the phone line be messed up and will this work on older computers before xp, past 98
you would never be able to play online with dial up
XWXAXDXEX5 years ago

how u get it vista?

Netscape nice! i used to have compuserve till we got the alltell thing. i h8 the annoying dialing noise lol
godmylord6 years ago
on my comp it says limited or no connection and on my xbox it wont get the ip adress . can u plz help me
try turning off ur fire wall , if that works then u dont have all the ports the 360 requires to connect to live open
im sorry but its almost useless without being able to play multiplayer
etopsirhc5 years ago
O.O TY who ever found this !!!
i bought oblivian GTOY and theirs  HUGE glitch that u cant install
the knights of the nine or shivering isles w/o being hooked up to live
and now that i can i can finally install it =D ( hasnt tested or set it up yet )

bighead54545 years ago
ok this works 100% but it wont download the stinkin update. in i took it to a friends house and hooked it up to wireless and then update would i have to re-update it at my house? or is there a way to make it update with it hooked up to dial-up?
Yeah babe!!! I Thought i was the only one with a dial up connection WE'LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD
yeah! dial-up will rule the world and we will strangle the wireless folks with our long and strong phone cords and laugh as we shoot a pistol and kill 50 ppl at once muahahahahaha

dont worry im working on a prototype for the mega dialup beast

THEN WE WILL RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm the tooth fairy. Oh yeah.

-Lord of randomness
Jake Turner (author)  phant0m_sp00f3ra7 years ago
Hehehe... I'm about to edit in a penny arcade comic about us 56kers....
hahaha anyone add me if ya like devon9988
wow i've had a long time joke with a friend that when i'm online i'll start talking about a topic from a week ago or something from history and when asked why reply 'cos i'm on dialup!' lol i never knew this was possible some serious cyber pimping there though
mitchblack5 years ago
ok i figured it all out but its stil not working    do i half 2 put in the ip stuff in the xbox 360 as well ??
hey you info for getting dial up to work with live doesn't work as i can't get my xbox to find my computer even went i have a cord connect from box to the computer that had dial up internet up.
mitchblack5 years ago
Hey   yea im on dileup as well -.-   fun   !    and   yea i have vista   and step 3 kinda confuses me   is there some way you could link me a video or some thing  to chow me  how 2 do step 3 i  dont get the property part like i no what it is just  i guss i am looking in the worg  place.  i dont no    pleas help me thanks  :) 
soldier of fortune is bad
AKNeal5 years ago
So your the one who keeps lagging my games out!! Thanks alot!! I told all my freinds that there had to be somebody playing on dial up. That's the only way to explain people "teleporting" around on my screen and killing me with out firing a single round. They all laughed at me. But this proves me right!! You do exist!!
Gamer9175 years ago
LOL Portal is awesome! Nice desktop background!
jenkies19865 years ago
i tried to do this still tryin for  the past week lol when i go into the set up wizard and do what it says to do adn shut the pc down after words i cant get my internet to dial up it says my pc and the pc i am trying to connect to arent gitting the same info so i have to switch it i rally would like to get on xbox live but this is being a battle
THEKENNYMAN5 years ago
i have dial up and it suck
thanks this helps alot
This is really great. I live 4 miles from high spped for like 6 years and they won't bring it down here. I have played on Halo 3 and it runs fine no lagg at all. I seem to die less too... XD
do u think call of duty 4 wont lag
i tried it laggs badly...
Probably because you're lagging like crazy on everyone elses connection.
I should correct those last two parts. After a few updates and the new maps I would lag around like crazy and DC everyone in awhile. I still do nto have DSL at that house, so I moved.
what kind of dial up u use because i use netzero and it lags like crazy
i use videotron
so this allows you to play halo 3 online
Epeoples5 years ago
I have the verizon usb plugin internet thingy and they call it mobile broadband, but it runs slightly faster than dail-up. would this work with it? (by the way, i agree, G4 can shove it)
Like him i have the alltel usb drive internet thingy.
but i got mine b4 the switchover and idk if it'll work.
 Just recently I got Airadvantage and it's 100mbps so hopefully it'll work.
G4 can still shove it.
HammyHavoc5 years ago
 Although you cannot play multiplayer, I still think this is a viable solution for people who are less fortunate than myself, kudos to you!
g4 can shove it, all they were complaining about was that there connections would be laggy because of dial-up, maybe so, but your instructable says that you shouldn't play multiplayer on dial-up(thanks g4 for shooting your mouths off before reading) and besides games like halo 3 play fine on dial-up
xbox360user6 years ago
i think it works better if u get on the internet get on a page cause its going faster nw that im commenting on this
xbox360user6 years ago
wow sumtimes everything checks out ok and sumtimes it dont and the update is uber slow thank you i really am thankful
xbox360user6 years ago
tha funny thing is i was at my grandmas and she lives in housten texas and i got all the updates and downloads
Hey man i had highspped before but sumthin happend to it till june 5:( this is prolly the first time we got high speed cuz i live in the middle of no where Lol and we just got the high speed and i tried this if worked!!!! But all i do is piss ofrf the other players Have any suggestions???? or Add Me on xbox live my GamerTag is YungStryker17 pCe Brothren
well ima try and get xboxlive wit da dial up and u can add me maybe tommorow i'll get it workin devon9988
Deus6 years ago
wouldn't this just cost 'A LOT'
BlackCloud Deus6 years ago
This should be really cheap. An ethernet card is cheap if you need one, and ethernet cable is cheap too, if you buy from the right place.
im bout half that..i have 21.6k speed.i am an amazing halo 3 fan and i wondered how much it would lag for halo...because im lik ethe only person in my area that has dial-up..all my friends have live and i wanna play soooo bad....any idea how much it would lag..
It'd be unplayable. I wouldn't waste your money on a gold account you won't be able to use.
neoman44266 years ago
Question: would the setup wizard exe created in XP using the create setup disk option work on Vista? I know it runs, but I have never tried to do this using the program on Vista. It doesn't really effect (affect?) me, since I finally got half decent internet, but I still feel for the people who can't get any better. I would check myself, but we don't even have a land line connection anymore, since internet was the last reason we had it.
im at my boy house and he has a problem getting highspeed internet and he has windows 98 can i go online with that?
I think 98 SE was the first one with Internet Connection Sharing. If that is what you have, you should be able to set it up.
csferg226 years ago
what games dont lag while playing on live with dial up
mdoggy146 years ago
mine says the same thing about the MTU test.how do you fix this
casper19106 years ago
Hey i've done the xbox live connection test and everything checks out fine. And I have also allowed the dial up connection to be shared. Then it wants me to install the update and everytime I try it says failed and it can't do it?? PLEASE HELP i'm soo eager to get my xbox 360 online.
I have the exact same problem, all the tests are fine and everything is how it should be on the computer and on the console, but the update won't download. Please reply to the problem casper and i are having.
look on http://www.xbox.com/update this will give u multiple ways of downloading the update, by rw cd/dvd, usb port, goin over a friends house etc.
halo wardog6 years ago
yea, i did the steps till now, and got the tests to go thru but, the things failed to dwnload wth happned plz respond! thank you for ur help so far!
halo wardog6 years ago
In my control panel it says, network and sharing center. i dont see network and internet connections in there. plz help.
D34th 4n6el6 years ago
not tryin to be smart, but ive been doin this for a couple of years and i do it on xp. I live out in the boonies and i did this on 24k dial-up and halo 3 runs fine, it may have a little of lag every once and awile. I can download about 50mb every 7 hrs lol it sucks but it is also kinda cool.
same here i live in the middle of no where, i can only get 24.6kps and halo 3 doesnt lag that much
!# badboynick76 years ago
is that 24kbps upload or download speed?
badboynick7 !#6 years ago
24kbps upload speed
123marco6 years ago
my xbox wont download the nessesary update for live
ok, so i got the new dashboard for live, that updated. so now i try to connect to xbox live, but it says no connection. whats wrong here, i didnt unplug anyting
bytebullets6 years ago
My xbox 360 shows ip ; subnet ; gateway; dns (connected to this laptop that I am typing on)... but connection to xbox live fails, any clue?
Ok i get a DNS error when on my xbox 360 it passes to my computer and then check internet and DNS blah blah blah. I have Static DNS set. Someone help me plz?
I keep getting a DNS error after my Xbox is connected to my PC and its checking internet connection. Anyone that can help me out, I would appreciate it greatly.
Relik6 years ago
i finally made mine load all the way i had to take my modem off
SonicKidGJ6 years ago
God, online is laggy enough from playing people from other countries, we don't need a new problem with people on dial up.
What's the problem with international players? I use PC and I get 200ms ping max at the servers I play.
Derin Derin6 years ago
From Turkey.
Relik6 years ago
i get like 56k through my modem and it doesn't even load the rest just stops and tells me to go on a website still any body know any tips on making it go faster
Relik6 years ago
i was wondering how can u make the update go faster it keeps disconnecting after I try to update it and it gets 1/4 of only ?
RyanC.6 years ago
where do u put the ethernet cord in ur PC?
In the ethernet port. If your computer does not have one, look into getting an expansion card. You can probably get them free from geek friends with spare ones. they aren't that expensive @ the shack, though.
badboynick76 years ago
i tried it over and over again on my xp, but when i tried it on my moms vista laptop and it worked the first time. i think it worked because the vista was new and didn't already have a network on it. when i played halo 3 it lagged some of the times but it still was better then nothing. the only thing is that i only have a memory card and to play halo online you have to download a map pack which takes forever and plus i dont have enough memory.
is there anyway to connect with vista my IP adress keeps failing
haloman126 years ago
please help i have a laptop windows vista and in step 3 i have no classic view
I have done something similar to this with my 360, I have wireless DSL and my router is upstairs, where my xbox is downstairs, and being that I am to cheap to buy that Wireless reciever, I took the eithernet cord and plugged it into my laptop, and set up the laptop so taht other devices can connect to the internet using this... It is handy, and using something that I already had.
pmac937 years ago
can you do this with ethernet dsl?
Jake Turner (author)  pmac937 years ago
Um, do you mean can you share a DSL connection from your PC to your 360? Yes, but you need to have two ethernet ports, one for your DSl, another for the LAN connection to the 360.
i mean have the computer sharing the dialup thru the router so the xbox can connect to the router but still have the dialup
BuilderLoon6 years ago
Anyone know how to fix the MTU mine keeps Failing if anyone can help please share your wisdom Thanks Richard
please can you tell me how to get xbox live on dail up. i know that you have a full gide on how to do it but it still wont work. the MTU keeps on failing can you help please im beging you
You don't want to try this much anymore with Halo 3. The updates have killed most Dial-up users even tring and you might get banned for them thinking you have a lag switch.
leo diaz6 years ago
this is what worked for me 1)go to start and klik control panel 2)then klik network and internet connections 3)and klik network setup wizard 4)and klik next until it says klik a connection method (klik the 1 that says that your computer is directly connected to the internet then klik next) 5)then klik "the internet" 6)then just klik next until it shows a blue computer turning greem then hoing into a house and turning purple and just wait 7)then on the next page klik "just finish wizard i dont need to run the wizard on the other computer" and finish but make sure your 360 is on at the time your doing this after you did this go on your 360 and klic chek xbox live connecton and it should work and then do the update
leo diaz6 years ago
how long does the update usually take to load??
leo diaz6 years ago
ive done everything and after it does the xbox live check the update pop up and when it starts it stays in the same spot for a really long time and wont move.does and 1 no why it dosent load?????
Honcho906 years ago
Does this work on the original xbox?
cant pass dns test plz help
jordie216 years ago
i tried this and when i test the xbox live it say the network adapter is wired but the ip adress always fails.... what can i do to fix this any ideas
I had this problem where my computer kept flagging it with the firewall when it checked the IP. Simply turning off the firewall worked, and it is updating my system as I type this.
Ok, if you hook any thing up to that eithernet cable it will say it's wired so what you need to do is go to your internet connection and then click on Properties then click in sharing then click allow other users to connect to the network and then you should be up and haveing Fun if Not let me know.
jordie216 years ago
when i test the xbox live connection the network adapter says it is wired but the IP address fails everything any idea on what i can do or how to fix it
hey dude, look at my comment on the last step, it will help you if you set an ip for the dial-upconnection
same here, the IP address fails every time.
dude1111156 years ago
Ok dude, you need to be a little better knowledged in computers. you DO have to fill in the DNS box, i know, if i dont, then i dont get an ip. if this is a problem for anyone, try to find out what your DNS and alternate DNS is. ( you will also need a DNS if you try to give yourself a set ip with high-speed internet ) hope i helped anyone who has problems with this step.
badboynick76 years ago
i tried over and over again, but it still says my dns server failed. when i go to the settings it show my primary dns server but not my second. any help i would like to start playing halo 3 online.
i tried using my xp over and over again, but i tried on a vista laptop and it worked the first time, playing halo 3 with with lag about 10% of the time not bad, better then nothing.
bounty10126 years ago
that sucks you got dissed by G4.
badboynick76 years ago
ive tried it over and over the dns server is always failing, any help please.
Upsillymana6 years ago
i have embarq..will it still work?
my MTU wont pass please someone help me i need live im using a laptop and windows vista help,gracias
YES I will try this as soon as I hook up the phone line in my basement. My friend always makes fun of me for not hazzing the faster internets, but I would get him with my HDTV. Some people say you can do Halo 3 w/out lag, I will try it with a 48hr code (after I get my gold lancer and hammerburst, hehehe!) I guess I can help my friend so he doesn't feel to bad by telling him how to get Xbox Live over a laptop. Sorry this comment is so long to everyone who reads it... but thanks!!
DemoSquid936 years ago
does this work on the original xbox console?
still nothing. i followed this part of the Instructable completely. ill keep trying but it still wont pass the IP address.
Hey man i can tell you how to get the IP Address for that its easy ok go to start panel then click on control panel then go to network and internet then go to network and sharing center then manage network and connections then look for something that says view status of this connection click on that and when it pops up at the top of the box it should say general and details click on details then look for the client IP Address and write it down then opening Control Panel and clicking "Classic View" on the side panel to keep things simple. Open "Network and Sharing Center", and click "Manage Network Connections" in the sidebar. This will be the window where you'll do everything. You should see the your dial-up connection and the Local Area Connection listed. Right-click the LAN connection icon and click on "Properties". Highlight "Internet Protocol version 4" and click on the Properties button. Check the "Use the following I.P. Address", and type the one you writen done in Leave the Gateway box and DNS fields blank, and then click OK. Back in the Network Connections window, right-click your Dial-up connection, click Properties, go to the Sharing tab, and check "Allow other network users to connect through this PC. you should be good to go let me know if it works just comment back on this ....add one more brother on the DIAL UPS from deep in the Getto hahaha
badboynick76 years ago
how do you think i feel i only get 24.6kps thats like half speed of normal
badboynick76 years ago
Whatcha do with your Vista PC XP (and older) users, skip this one, the last step was for you. So, you wanna get on Live, but you have a Vista PC. For some dumb reason, Microsoft took out the connection wizard that older versions of Windows have. Don't fret, you can still has your Livez, but you'll need to manually do what the connection wizard does. I'm going to list what I think worked for me, as I just did a bunch of crap until it worked. If one of the Vista users could comment back and tell me if I'm right/wrong, I'll correct as needed or edit out this "crapshoot" sentence. First, you'll need to give your Ethernet connection an I.P. address, then you'll tell Vista to share the dial-up connection to any PC/360 plugged into your network. You'll need administrative rights to do this. Note that if you have any type of pre-existing network set up, you might mess up a connection to it if your IP wasn't manually assigned to begin with. Right, let's begin. Start by opening Control Panel and clicking "Classic View" on the side panel to keep things simple. Open "Network and Sharing Center", and click "Manage Network Connections" in the sidebar. This will be the window where you'll do everything. You should see the your dial-up connection and the Local Area Connection listed. Right-click the LAN connection icon and click on "Properties". Highlight "Internet Protocol version 4" and click on the Properties button. Check the "Use the following I.P. Address", and type one in (if there isn't one beforehand, and you weren't connected to any LAN networks, use . It's just a simple one to use). Type in a subnet mask of if it doesn't fill in automatically. Leave the Gateway box and DNS fields blank, and click OK. Back in the Network Connections window, right-click your Dial-up connection, click Properties, go to the Sharing tab, and check "Allow other network users to connect through this PC." That should be all you need to do. Again, comment if this works/or doesn't.
badboynick76 years ago
it says that my dns server failed any help with that please
flary106 years ago
I can't see step three can someone post it or send it to me please and thank you Ps. this is only 1 its allowing me to post on
badboynick76 years ago
i finally got my connection to work but it says that my DNS failed any help please i just went out and bought a 20$ Ethernet cable for this, sort of wanted it to work.
I've tried to connect online as well with Vista, and I received a message as well that said 'Failed the IP test. There might be something wrong with this Instructable. Please recheck if you can, thanks.
elescape6 years ago
It's called rj-45 for ethernet :/
Wow, I just ran a across your instructable and All the hate. But by sound of them i'd say they never lived through the days when dail up is all there was. I guess it goes to show how much people take there in town dsl connection for granted. But hey you do realize that if you can get cable tv to your house you can get cable internet right. Peace best of luck. P.s. Makes you the better person for sharing your ideas and leting bygones be bygones.
This is awesome, I will be trying it once I get my Xbox fixed.

In the mean time if you are trying to get xbox live for free, then check this site out:

Zidane7886 years ago

try that video, it is a little dark but i may help
jeffman6 years ago
i'm trying the same thing with my PS3, but it doesn't seem to be working. The connection test always fails and says a connection could not be established. I also have Vista. I used the Ethernet cable that came with the PS3,. Am I doing something wrong, or will this simply not work, even though there seem to be Youtube videos indicating it does?
Sorry to be mean but what this guy has failed to add is that you have to share the connection you have to goto properties of you connection then goto advanced then allowed your connection to be shared
ryan24166 years ago
Sorry to be mean but what this guy has failed to add is that you have to share the connection you have to goto properties of you connection then goto advanced then allowed your connection to be shared
xRNx6 years ago
Any more info on getting past the DNS part? Mine fails there. I'd really really like to get this to work. I already spent hours upon hours figuring out how to bypass aol software to dial directly. Now just need to get past the dns part.
i am having trouble with the IP part omg help PLZZZ ASAP I AM DESPERATE
yoda456 years ago
yeah, mine keeps failing the DNS part
yoda45 yoda456 years ago
i think this will help for the people with the DNS problem. go to your computer's command prompt ant type in nslookup and hit enter. it will give you a set of numbers that look like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. that is what you put in for the primary DNS
Wencil6 years ago
a friend of mine just got xbox live and connects with everyone just fine, however when we try to party up it fails every time. our nats are both open and everything passes when we test connection.they are both d link routers compatible with xbox live but for some reason we just cant connect. the only time we have is when other people are involved. but as soon as the extra people leave we can no longer remain in the same party. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? thanks
Th3H4rRy6 years ago
May i ask were you found your portal Wallpaper? I want. But noice stuctable
Fullmetal666 years ago
after you select to allow other network users thing click on the arrow and slect local are connection then go to settings and check the boxes marked xbox. i had my xbox on and plugged in during this.
Fullmetal666 years ago
U no whats really messed up I have dial-up my high school like 100 yards away has fiber-optics.
austin4rd7 years ago
hey man it work 4 me untill i get to the xbox live part
the update doesnt load!!! <=(
(p.s. im a vista user)
Oreo834137 years ago
everything works except fot the MTU(Maximum Transmission Unit) test. any knowledge on how to fix that?
Well ill probably get flamed with comments calling me a N00B or that im destroying the experience for others but im on my second month of subscription to live and ive been playing Halo3 CrackDown and Forza Motorsport2 (only the auction house for forza) Online. With these three games ive had very little to no slow down. I'd be glad to play online with any instructablites out there if you wanna take me up on my offer my GT is mitchmason77. You'll be either playing me or my little brother and i must say hes made a great improvement in his Halo3 skills since i set up the live.
well in my opinion i never cared when someone complained about me being on dial up. one person was doing that in a slayer match on halo 1 for the computer. what was the most rediculas about it was i was in 1st and he was in 2nd, and i was the one with dial up. people that complain about the lag just appeal to me as winey anoyances. most the time i can bet that they have never had anything except high speed internet, and can be right 1/2 the time. but i dont mean to make any more flaming than might already come. im just saying, dont complain about lag. it just makes you look like a whiney brat that needs to be teabaged ;)
Too right mate. But even on highspeed you do sometimes get issues. In my opinion people should blame it on rego when you shoot someone in the head 3 times and they kill you two seconds later. Then people like you can't say that their on dialup and beatzorzing them still because rego is game/server-side not internet-side. ;) Rego is annoying >_<
so true so true, the other day in a team slayer i was playing a team of 2 kids who where like 6 with one other player on there team. The 2 kids never shutup complaining about me lagging every now and then. i ended up pretty damn near carrying my team to a victory with a 13 point lead over the other team.
MitchOOOOOO7 years ago
I need help with instructions its to confusing. why the hell is high speed companies mean. i live less than 2 miles away but noooooo they cant do it. My friend resorted in paying $60 a month for verison wirless that barly works on the xbox. All my friends that do hav high speed dont hav 360's or ps3's or wii's. then every one who has one is stuck with crap. every one with high speed and a good system can agree that want to retaliate. me and my friend even wrote a letter to a high speed company that said (and was true) over ten pple by us wanted to purchase high speed. I cant wait to go to college for high speed. GOD BLESS AND GOD LOW SPEED> BOW CHICKA BOW WOW. srry for some languge that may be innaproprite!!
Jake Turner (author)  MitchOOOOOO7 years ago
Well, if that letter you sent to the highspeed provider was anything like this comment, they probably wouldn't care, even if you had 100 people wanting highspeed. Your grammar and spelling are horrible, your point is unclear and your writing style reminds me of a preteen. On top of that, you failed to specify what part of the instructions are too confusing. On a more productive note, if you want highspeed, you'll need signatures from people in your area. You can go door-to-door to collect signatures, or leave postcards for people to sign and send to you, along with their home address. A neighbor of mine asked Embarq about getting DSL here, and they said they "would consider it" if we could provide over 60 signatures. Out of 300some residents, only 38 wanted highspeed. Needless to say, we don't have it yet. To everyone else who hasn't gotten a reply to their comment: I guess I only reply to comments of thanks, intelligent questions, or in this instance, very unclear comments. If you've asked something that was answered in the tutorial, I more than likely won't reply.
slayer-727 years ago
GRGAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! omg,... it was like before i mamy 2nd post here, and it wasnt working, i said to my self,.."man, whatch, it's going to something stupid and small and indescrete." and sure enough! it was the microsoft fire wall that was blocking access to my computer! lol so yeah if yours isn't working check the firewall status in the properties section of the connection
slayer-727 years ago
uh would the Wi-Fi really be that effective, i mean you'd have to be in range of a transponder and all. mabey in a local area it might work, but then if your the one thats making the wifi any one would be able to get on your internet. and no, hence the "DIY" part.... btw, it seems that IP failures are common with some peoples, might it be the actual company that provides you, be the problem?
freshyoung7 years ago
can someone help me with these steps.
slayer-727 years ago
ok can any one help me? im hoping that this article isnt so old that every one has stoped looking at it. but any way, when i go to test the connection it says that the IP has failed. i tried almost every IP adress that was on my computer and also tried a few that were out of the blue. then i read the section about that other guy that said his IP was failing. still no help as i didnt completly understand it. im sorry if your repeating something but can anyone explain the IP failure a little more?
I follow the hole step in it still say IP fail. I f this dose work can someone help me please!!
I've actually read somewhere about someone doing this with a laptop and a wi-fi or a mobile broadband card. Obviously, with the mobile broadband card, the connection is just about as bad as with dial-up, but the shared wi-fi sounds reasonable. Should mention the point of that is taking the 360 on the road. Maybe play some Halo 3 on the seat-back monitors in your Escalade while you're cruising for chicks. Or, maybe something to shut the ki-- err, keep the children entertained on a long road trip.
slayer-727 years ago
yes that is what this is all about.

i've also heard from a freind that you can play other people, but your kills:death rate will be horrible.

now i just want to get my IP working.... >_>
hi can you go on xbox live with dial up
As a fellow dial up operator in Nowhere, Manitoba a couple hours from a decent city. i am going to definatly try this. but, before i do #1 will this effect anything eg. the operation of my computer, and #2 do i only haveto unplug the 360 and go back or are there other things i have to do to have computer 32 work as befor?
garrett1237 years ago
Hey watsup i have a AOL connection (dialup) and i followed ur instructions and i got to DNS on the live test and failed it....Any ideas on how to fix?
the ips address always fails for me i followed your directions but i cant get it and now the xbox and the ethernet cord wont recognize each other so when i test my connection it says "disconnected" originally it said "wired" any suggestions?
jmcraz87 years ago
I want to connect to xbox 360 live with dialup but get a IP failure and a DNS failure it sucks. I am using AOL and they don't provide the DNS its weird. I go to run and type in the command ipconfig/all and the DNS and IP it gives me don't work. Any suggestions?
LtHoward7 years ago
Please help me, I made an account just to ask this, I am trying all the stuff here to get my Xbox 360 connected to Live since I can only use dial up, but I have a Windows Vista, complicates it a little since there is no Network Setup Wizard like on Windows XP, my friend did this with his XP and it worked fine, but I dont get it on Windows Vista, please help.
Jake Turner (author)  LtHoward7 years ago
I'll do what I can today with my Vista PC, and see if I can get a connection shared. I'll post back later with a comment, once I edit the info into the tutorial.
any news for the vista users?
Jake Turner (author)  mitch_mason777 years ago
Yep, it's working for me. Check out step 3 and lemme know if it works or not.
Well it finally gets past the IP Address, but the DNS is failing =[, hey when you check the little box for "allow other users to connect through this computers internet connection", does it say when you click ok to close the box, "since this connection is currently active, some settings will not take effect until the next time you dial it"? Some other pop up boxes appear when I check the "allow other users to connect through this computers internet connection", did that happen to you? I left the Gateway and DNS thing blank, and followed all the instructions, but its still failing the DNS part =[]
Jake Turner (author)  LtHoward7 years ago
Check your 360's network settings, see if both the IP and DNS are set to automatic. The first 3 numbers of the 360's IP should be the first 3 of your PC (i.e. 192.168.0.XXX) and the DNS should be your PC's IP. Lemme know if this solves anything.
I checked, and both the IP and DNS are set to automatic, and it all looks right, but it keeps failing the DNS =/, the gateway and DNS are both (, I dont know if that matters.
Jake Turner (author)  LtHoward7 years ago
OK then, try this little detail I forgot to add: Open the Network and Sharing Center again, and next to the name of your LAN connection (might say something like "Unidentified Network"), click on the blue Customize link. Change the location type from Public to Private (gotta have administrative rights). Lemme know if that fixes anything.
It didnt work unfortunately, it still gets the IP confirmed, but it just keeps failing the DNS. I see you told Mitch that he shouldnt get a gateway number, and my 360 gets one, I also noticed the last 3 numbers of the IP address (192.168.0."xxx") keep changing every time I pick "Test Xbox Live Connection". I hope that helps somewhat.
i think for me it is a gateway issue because it automatically gets an IP and a subnet mask but the Gateway on the 360 is still so its like its not getting a gateway address.
Jake Turner (author)  mitch_mason777 years ago
The gateway won't get a number. Try what I told LtHoward: Open the Network and Sharing Center again, and next to the name of your LAN connection (might say something like "Unidentified Network"), click on the blue Customize link. Change the location type from Public to Private (gotta have administrative rights).
i already have :( i still fail the IP test, does it make any difference that i'm running all this on a notebook not a PC?
Ok, im gonna try it *prays, please let it work* lol<br/>
Jake Turner (author)  mitch_mason777 years ago
I've tried to get my connection shared to another PC or my 360, with absolutely no luck. I'm still trying to get a fix, I'll have dialup access in my room soon and need to get a shared connection to my 360. Hang in there!
Thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate the help, Im not that good with pc's unless I got instructions >_<, thanks again, cant wait =D
Jake Turner (author)  LtHoward7 years ago
Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I wasn't ble to find anything on Google, and I'm still in the middle of trying to get my dialup connection to work on Vista. So until then, I can't really tell you how to share the connection. Again, I apologize.
Its ok dude, no rush, let me know when you can.
Jake Turner (author)  LtHoward7 years ago
Check it out, I got on Live with my Vista PC, and posted what I think should work, as it just suddenly started to work for me. Lemme know if I did something wrong or was right.
well I've finally saved enough for high speed internet. After conning my brother into chipping in and conning my mom with promises of no more tied up phone line I've got enough. I'll still be using this method for routing my 360 to the internet. P.S I'm going to try fixing the DNS and IP on my 360 and ill report back to say whether it fixes my problem or not.
Jake Turner (author)  mitch_mason777 years ago
Nice! Be glad you can get highspeed, it's not an option where I live.
my high speed is still satellite which will cost me like 300$ for setup xp. thats a lot of cash when your 15, where i live that'll buy someones old car.
Hitman737 years ago
I Tried this last night and everything worked great started to download some songs and went to bed. Now the problem when i go to dial up i get scratchy sounds and i can not connect to the internet? with the ethernet cord plugged in?. Strange as it worked fine last night?. I take out the ethernet cord and it dials up just fine i plug it in no dial up and connection fails?. Any help much appreciated.
xxbyamoment7 years ago
It's really good to know I'm not the only one stuck with a 56k internet connection where I live. I'm definitely gonna use this. <sup></sup> You're awesome.<br/><br/>My gamertag is xxbyamomentx, by the way. Add me if you want. =]<br/>
I appreciate you have put this up as there is a lack of this tutorial on the internet but one suggestion, have you ever considered satellite DSL? it way be kinda slow but still its way faster than Dial-up so yeah, just putting it out there. BTW satellite DSL can be used ANYWHERE there is a clear view of the sky.
For games, satellite would actually have even more lag than dial-up, since the signal needs to be sent all the way to space and back. So unless Fibre Optic or DSL (or at least cable) is available in your area, your SoL.
Jake Turner (author)  halopower677 years ago
Believe me, I've looked at everything as an option, even broadband sent over FM radio from someone's house. Satellite would cost 300 bucks for setup, and then 60 a month. I'd need to download a buncha movies/music to make up for that cost. hehehe.
Its expensive and I think it still requires a dialup connection for sending or receiving. If your in Canada, Bell and Rogers are rolling out WiMax .
Jake Turner (author)  xxbyamoment7 years ago
Live can't find that gamertag.
Jake Turner (author)  xxbyamoment7 years ago
Thank you, and I'll add you the next time I move my 360 back into this dining room to get on Live.
I honestly hope I never get you as host in a game. :P Lol, great instructable.
Jake Turner (author)  FreshPineSent7 years ago
Lulz. Thanks!
all us dialup users should get together. anyone wanting to play halo3 with me my gamer tag is mitchmason77. My bro plays occasionally and he isn't too bad either.
Jake Turner (author)  mitch_mason777 years ago
Sure thing, man. I'll add you when I get a connection back in my room and a 3 month Live card. Bring on the endless torrents of "whadidyasay?" and "LAG!" statements! (To all those who'd wanna play, be considerate and try to get at least a 40k bitrate before playing. lol)
Yay! lol buy GTA4 from what ive heard its an amazing game and comes with a 1 month live card. so its like 2 birds with one stone.
Jake Turner (author)  mitch_mason777 years ago
I plan to, but I find myself missing about 65 of these "dollars". :D
I'll be getting GTA4 on Thursday or Friday. My aunt is picking it up for me. I was in the same predicament. I resorted to tutoring ankle biters for a measly 10$ an hour. Its measly because I tutor for 3 hours a week (30$ a week).
Ive tried this but i cant get the box 360 to connect, the IP address always fails. I'm running windows vista anyone got any suggestions?
Prometheus7 years ago
Actually I watched your comment on G4TV....you made a stir, believe it or not. X-play and AOTS have not publicly acknowledged your comment directly, but it is speak in their program discussion meetings. Currently program directors are attempting to address your concept in a "newsable" way. I will say no more...
Jake Turner (author)  Prometheus7 years ago
O rly? Any type of link or video to show us?
picbuck7 years ago
Great instructable, but G4 wrote the instructable of all time, even if by accident. Everybody but G4 said hey look at this good idea. The reader comments all say wow yeah, good idea. G4 said hey hey look at this dumb idea. The reader comments all say yeah, it sure is a dumb idea. Makes me think of TV newscasts, for some reason.
Jake Turner (author)  picbuck7 years ago
Lol, good point. I haven't been watching those guys ever since I found good websites for news and I subscribed to Official Xbox Magazine. G4 is nothing but a bigass televised podcast with reruns of "staple geek shows" and news we could have found out about a day ago, brought to us by formerly emo kids who by some god-awful mishap made it to TV, where dozens of teenage kids spend hours listening to "w/e outta 5" rants. No, I don't like em.
I dont like G4 either. Im also glad my service provider dosent have them on anymore!
I liked them better when they were "Tech TV" they actually had shows for the average geek, rather than the average four year old.... but anyways, thanks. I'm one of those country folk who can't even get cable TV, so dial-up is about the only way to go for me.
Jake Turner (author)  JakkRabbit7 years ago
Heh, no kidding. You're welcome!
Add me, and ill bring ya into big team social H3 with me :D But the Idea has been around since 98SE, but back then it was bridging the dialup w/ the rest of the network so only one computer had to dial up. Also usee to use the old telephone dialer in 98se to make voice calls if you had a headset and somone was using the phone dialed up.
Jake Turner (author)  The Expert Noob7 years ago
Added. But my Live trial expired, so I won't be on H3 until I can get hold of a 3 month card or another 48-hr code. :P
Aeshir7 years ago
I did this a while ago, figured it out on my own after reading some tutorials. I played Halo 3 online, with the 1 month Gold trial. It's amazing how well it works, I could still do most stuff (even voice messages, but voice chat in games didn't really work). There was almost no lag when I played Halo 3 matchmaking, and there were 4 people, including me, in the party. Big party playlists like Lone Wolves didn't really work though.

You might've already read this, but it's good if you don't want to wait over an hour to download the firmware updates. I wrote it around a month after I got my 360 at Christmas.

Oh yeah, when I was connecting my Xbox 360 to the tubes, I got an error at the IP step in the Xbox Live connection test, which I fixed by opening up a Run command, typing services.msc and pressing enter, and then starting up the service called "DCHP Client". You might want to put this in, if you put in a troubleshooting section.

Nice jorb (homestar runner quote), +1 rating.
Jake Turner (author)  Aeshir7 years ago
No kidding? I think I need to talk to MS about getting a 1-month trial, since I didn't get to use the one they gave me in January. And no, sorry, I hadn't read your tutorial before, although I'd known I could download updates from the Xbox website ( I have all 3 Splinter Cell games for Xbox1). And yeah, I'll toss that part in, should anyone have trouble. Thanks for the words and rating!
You can get like 3 or 4 one month trials, but you have to use a different Gamertag for each one. They give it to you at like the very end of the Xbox Live sign up, so don't exit it prematurely. Have you downloaded the right update? There's one on Xbox.com, but it gives the wrong link for the update file (a really old one). I used one on Microsoft.com. OMG ALL THREE SPLINTER CELLS!??!?!? I've been trying to get my hands on Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow ever since I got my 360 (played the first one on PC). I got Pandora Tomorrow for Gamecube, but it's broken beyond belief (the game, not the disc). What are you using for the Vista skin? I've tried some skins, and I've even tried Windows Blinds, but it only has the 30 day trial (and the skin I used has a border at the sides of maximized windows that prevents me from using a sidebar toggle button).
Jake Turner (author)  Aeshir7 years ago
Yeah, I read that, but then I'd have to re-add friends to play with each new gamertag. A friend gave me a 48-hr code from Halo 3, so I played a few rounds with him. Speech would lag randomly, and every now and then player movement would get jumpy. But it got way worse with 7 other players in Matchmaking. :P Let's say I landed enough bullets to kill a guy 3 times over, but they weren't registering.

Yeah, I don't remember how, but I got the fall update from somewhere on MS's site.

And yeah, I love the Splinter Cell series. I have all 3 for Xbox, I had Chaos Theory for DS (blegh), and Double Agent for 360. I can't wait to play as "Emo Sam" in Conviction, whenever it comes out.

As for the XP to Vista skin, I got it from this Instructable:

I like it very muchly.
I just used it to play around a little bit when I brought my Xbox out to my PC. It's not like I would pay for Live anyway.

Lmao. Emo Sam. It's skater hair xD

I'm not that skeptical about Conviction, cuz Ubisoft Montreal always makes the good Splinter Cell games (Splinter Cell and Chaos Theory, Ubi Shanghai did PT and DA).

Thanks for the link. I'll give it a go.
oktane7 years ago
Don't worry about what G4 says.. they are all about shock value and ripping on people, even if they do something creative to overcome an obstacle. Someday people will stop listening to the dribble put out by the Cult of Sessler and that network can go back into the bankruptcy hole it came from. Good job on the Instructable, and thanks for contributing.
awesome. i just might use this method
hey man would using the same method but with a nice hefty connection work. like say if i used my T3 connection and networked to my 360, would that work to or does it have to be the dial up. thanks
Jake Turner (author)  PYROID_ROBOT7 years ago
Hehe, it'll work, but so will Dialup... I'm on live with a 48-hr code. :D Playing halo 3 with some speech lag, but gameplay is fine.
yep! This type of network is essentially a LAN without the router. Some computers do not have the auto-negotiate option and you may need a crossover cable...
carebare477 years ago
thank you, i have been trying (not very hard) to do this for a while, you have helped loads Cheers x
Jake Turner (author)  carebare477 years ago
No problem!
iseematrix27 years ago
bad idea dude its 56k
Jake Turner (author)  iseematrix27 years ago
This isn't for multiplayer, I said that in the last step, "Whatcha Can and Can't Do."
Oh Yea I guess updates are OK but when did you see Microsoft make an update that made anything better.
Jake Turner (author)  iseematrix27 years ago
I thought the DixV update was a nice touch.
I hope they do the BlueRay update. lol
I happen to be on right now... Xenotonick.
Jake Turner (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
"This Gamertag does not exist on Xbox Live." ?
Woops, sorry. Without the K.


Jake Turner (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Jake Turner (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
I'll add you as soon as I get on Live again.
bjheu7 years ago
This is one of those things that I have done for others so many times that I figured it was common knowledge. Given the feedback, I guess I was mistaken. Of course it's not the optimal solution, but it works. I tell ya I feel old.... I remember when the best connection speed available was 2400bps. When I upgraded to 11.6kbps I thought "this is it, all the speed I'll ever need". Yeah, I quit sayin dumb stuff like that when Hard drives hit the 1GB mark.
Jake Turner (author)  bjheu7 years ago
No kidding, I didn't get into computers until I was 13 in 2004, but I thought at one point that 2 gigs of DDR400 RAM and a ATI 256MB AGP graphics card was the stuff. ...And then the September issue of ExtremeTech rolled around, touting both the new "DDR2" and "PCI-e". So now, no tech is excellent, just good enough for a year. But I would like a Blu-ray burner and a 1TB SATA drive. lol.
Your instructable is the only one with Dialup as a keyword.
Jake Turner (author)  mitch_mason777 years ago
Lulz. Good luck with the 360.
vader61857 years ago
Please for the love of all that is holy, do not do this!! People who have a good internet connection deserve to play without LAG. If you use this setup please do not play online games.
Jake Turner (author)  vader61857 years ago
sorry for ranting didn't read the last page of the article...
Jake Turner (author)  vader61857 years ago
lol, no problem. neither did any of the news sites that posted a link to this 'ible.
man, i thought me and the rest of the about 500 residents in my town where the only ones on dial up:). long live the 15 minute song download times and the leaving my internet on overnight to download those bigger downloads. I'm trying this once my 360 gets back from getting repaired.
jolly good show mate, jolly good show! seriously this is really inovative
Jake Turner (author)  bowchickabowwow7 years ago
Thank you!
Birdi37 years ago
what's dail-up? :)
Jake Turner (author)  Birdi37 years ago
It started out as a good thing... Back in the days of old, when "internet pages" didn't have flash animations, video and music, or even pictures, Dial-Up was a godsend for those who wanted demos of games sold on floppy disks, or wanted to read the latest walkthrough for SNES games, accented with ASCII diagrams. But it soon became evident that Dial-up was growing long in the tooth... As hard drives expanded, software evolved, and the general amount of data generated increased, new communication methods were needed. Ones that could put your snobby neighbor's ISDN connection to shame, with download speeds of 100KB/sec and upwards. While people praised the glory of this man-made salvation, one detail was overlooked. That detail? The "country" people. The big phone companies would not, and to this day, will not pay for 500 customers worth of cables to lay out for only 50 subscribers. This leaves the common rural family left with but a few choices. Cable internet, if it's available. Satellite Internet, with it's ridiculous price for its sub-100KBps speed. Cellular broadband, and it's yearly contracts and download limits. And of course, the oh-so-slow yet oh-so-cheap dialup. Those with the money or the grace to have neighbors that want more than PBS/CBS got their satellite internet and cable connections. But for the remaining few of us, we must suffer watching photos load as if they were being printed. We cannot experience the annoyance of being Rick Roll'd, unless we were to step away from our PCs for an hour to allow the video to load. I could go on and on about the injustice we must suffer in this day of highspeed data transmissions, but then this comment would turn into a Digg petition. So what is dial-up, my friend? I hope you and all of our children will never come to know.
Ah good times. Good times.
are you talking about dial up being good times? im sorry but, i hate you now. sorry man.
Jake Turner (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
I think he meant, "Oh snap, nice monologue, Jake! Good times."
i hate dial up, i didnt know anyone still had it, i thought everyone either had T1 or cable
wingman2467 years ago
same situation here, too far out for DSL... awesome though
taracor7 years ago
You're amazing you know that? This is so awesome, there aren't many of us dial up users left man, we're netscape brothers, you and me! Anyway, do you think this will work for an old school xbox?
Jake Turner (author)  taracor7 years ago
Lolz, I've already got 4 brothers AND two sisters, but hey, if you don't suck at halo 3/ COD4 you're a welcome addition. And yeah, it would probably work for an xbox1 as well.
Heh, awesome, man! I can't wait to give this a shot.
Just remember if he changes his mind, we need to stay out of any game sessions with a Radical Jake in them *jk* Good instructable.
Jake Turner (author)  MatthewMetcalf7 years ago
Ha! One of these days, I'll have constant DSL. you will see. Thanks for the words, man.
zjharva7 years ago
wow that sucks that you have dial-up............ good ible though n00b! lol
Jake Turner (author)  zjharva7 years ago
Lolz, I knew I was gonna get n00b stuff. Thanks anyhow!
Cool! Great Instructable! Thanks Joe
Jake Turner (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
You're welcome, and thanks!
Spy9117 years ago
Does anyone know if this will work the same for a PS3
benjgvps Spy9117 years ago
Th3H4rRy7 years ago
I am Surprised it even loaded the market place screen! That took 5 minutes for me once! And also your Rep is so low! Wait you havent played online,
cry_wolf7 years ago
ISP's still offer dial up? O.O
net zero gives 10hrs free!