Introduction: How to Get on Xbox Live Without a Wireless Adapter From Microsoft

This video will show you how to get on Xbox Live without buying a $100 adapter from Microsoft!

Rumors say that this setup will wreck you laptop... Ive tried this and for some reason I logged out of Xbox Live for some reason... So try this at your own risk!!!

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sokamiwohali (author)2012-01-03

its called bridging a connection. and no it WONT hurt your computer if you bridge with the x-box. it does not do damage to either devices. Whoever told you this "rumor" was highly mistaken/dont know what they are talking about. no matter...great ible for the xp users. i am going to try this on my windows 7 ultimate pc. thanks for the share!!

tsulvin (author)2011-07-20

nice carpet dude!!

Wolf Seril (author)2010-08-24

Or... plug a cable into the wall?

Yelnuts71 (author)Wolf Seril2010-08-24

indeed too but my Xbox is way to far away to use ethernet cable... Or you could use one of those ethernet over powerline things

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