Introduction: How to Get Pass BESS (blocking Wesites)

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This instructable will alow you to get past BESS the annoying little dog that locks you from websites most of the time you need for school but sometimes to check your myspace or facebook....... (that was a long run-on)...... As i was saying heres how.......

Step 1: Codeen

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Codeen is a really great site made by princeton (let them explain)

CoDeeN is an academic testbed Content Distribution Network (CDN) built on top of PlanetLab by the Network Systems Group at Princeton University. This testbed CDN consists of a network of high-performance proxy servers. Currently, proxy servers have been deployed on many PlanetLab nodes. These proxy servers behave both as request redirectors and server surrogates. They cooperate with each other and collectively provide a fast and robust web content delivery service to CoDeeN users.

What you need to do is
1. Go to any major search engine i.e. google, yahoo, msn and type in codeen.
a. i used google
2. the first one is usually your choice. click it.

Step 2: Nodes

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You now need to click on the one that is purple.... {many PlanetLab nodes}
it will then take you to a site with lots of numbers......

Step 3: IP Adressess

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What i boxed in red are the only columns you need to look at. the green boxed is the one i'm going to use in this instructable.

Step 4: Tools

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Click options and a menu will show up.
Then click the advanced tab-- the one that looks like the spokes from a wheel. then click the network tab and finally click the settings button.

Step 5: Proxy Configuration.

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After clicking settings another menu shows up. Click the manual proxy configuration button.

heres where you need to go back to codeen in a completely new window or tab (see steps 1-3).

look for an ip address that reads good next to it.

The port can either be 3128 or 3124 but it has to be one of those. whichever one works better.
i used the first one in the green box.

Step 6: YAY! You Are Now Ready to Go to Any Page Without Bess Blocking You.

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YAY! You are now ready to go to any page without bess blocking you. Lets go to myspace.
First go to tools then options then click on the main tab. then set your home page to now press ok to exit all the menus. Now simply press the home icon on your tool
bar to go to myspace. YAY! we are on myspace now. but codeen wont let you get through. but never fear
I'm here......

Type in your email and your password but do not click login!!!!

Step 7: Backtrack

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Go back to step four and where i told you to click manual proxy configuration and now click direct connection to the internet. now press ok to exit all of the menus and now you may click login.

The bess screen will pop up. now repeat step 4 and now bullet the bubble manual proxy configuration. Then press ok to exit all the menus.

Then press the home button.

Step 8: Almost There

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You are almost there. If you followed my steps correctly this screen should show up. Notice there is no place for you to login on. Thats a good sign now all you have to do is click home via the myspace page.


kingmik (author)2008-05-07

hey at my school they stop giving whole adress cause i found a way around that but if u go to google put were u wanna to go try to be pacific as possible like wanna see a youtube movie type everyrhing you know bout the movie click go no u should see the exact url adress to go straight to that movie copy it and paste it in adress bar now keep clicking enter if blocked still click on little arrow thing go down to site and keep clicking enter if still don't work keep repeating til do if it didn't work or you want a better understanding what kind of block done on or what you doing to causethe site to work etc... just rply to this comment

jessica bray (author)kingmik2011-05-07


vicky007 (author)2008-02-21


jessica bray (author)vicky0072011-05-07

how can i get on facebook at school

Tigarzzz (author)2009-05-21



jessica bray (author)Tigarzzz2011-05-07

thankz 4 telling us

NozeDive (author)2008-08-13
If you have access to regedit*, you should be able to disable/enable (among other things) BESS on a machine by machine basis. I would suggest using this only after the method in this instructable has been exhausted. Since I haven't been in high school since 2003, I don't remember what keys to edit, but the Windows registry is surprisingly intuitive, so it shouldn't be difficult to figure out.

  • Click "start", click "run" and type regedit and press "enter"


P.S. If your network uses Novel NetWare, there are other things you should look for in the registry. Things to increase your fun.
Supermancp (author)NozeDive2009-09-20

I know it's a few years too late.. but BESS doesn't run on the local machine.. there's nothing to disable in the registry. This particular filter runs at the campus/building firewall and gets everything coming in before it even hits the machine.

aiden120000 (author)2007-06-01

not all schools use firefox

Tigarzzz (author)aiden1200002007-06-06

No but u can download firefox for fr3333333!

aiden120000 (author)Tigarzzz2007-06-07

but not all schools will let you install it

jeowf (author)aiden1200002007-06-08

u can get firefox portable from and wip it on a USB

aiden120000 (author)jeowf2007-06-08

but at my school the usbs are disabled. lol

girrrrrrr2 (author)aiden1200002007-06-16


Tigarzzz (author)girrrrrrr22007-06-29

girrrrrrrr2 im sorry but ur school suks really what do u guys do to have them block literally evrything!?

Supermancp (author)Tigarzzz2009-09-20

CIPA. Children's Internet Protection Act. Schools have some blocks that are legally required.

aiden120000 (author)girrrrrrr22007-06-23

oh yeah, good one

thinker (author)aiden1200002008-04-08

lol, in mine they where
so i added an autorun feature
and using visual basic coding
ran the usb drive as though it where a cd
(i created a cd type variable, then used autorun to run it)
windows automatically runs autorun type files, then because it was usb type it was denied
but i had it as cd type
so i cud still use my usb drive =p

ratt2581 (author)aiden1200002007-09-10

You can do the same thing in IE (or any browser). ie: tools>Internet Options>Lan Settings opera: tools>preference>advanced>network

damasta (author)2008-09-12

Great instructable, good information you explain everything in detail and it probably helps many people but I personally believe there must be easier ways (does BESS block proxies like phproxy? just put one on your home computer in an AMP and go to your computer from school (trough your browser) and work from there

Nemraiku (author)2008-07-06

There is a much easier method to this, lol

bowwowwgurl (author)2008-05-03

i got lost here fix that pleaz

castromyluv92 (author)2008-05-02

yea i got up to the last step where im on the home page and it says im on. but when i click home it just says to try again. and it never letts be get on. just "try again" help please

Tigarzzz (author)2008-01-28

i found out this really cool program from china that gets pass any i mean ANY weblock cause it is running directly from china but... i lost it i made a mistake and delleted the file one of you guys told me about it on this page called u.exe and there was another one but i forgot the name if tyhat person could tell me again where i and all these people can download it from that will be nice.

toxic_117 (author)2008-01-25

the whole codeen thing is blocked at my school so there chance thats going to work.

Shynobi (author)2007-12-12

hey i tried this and yes it works on my personal computer but will it work on a skool comp with all those blockers on it

Tigarzzz (author)2007-05-21

This is my first instructable if you see anything wrong or need any explanations please tell me. Hope ya like it.

locofocos (author)Tigarzzz2007-11-23

Yeah, this is pretty nice. I kinda knew about proxies and had messed around with FoxyProxy firefox extension, but messed it up somehow and couldn't set it back to not use any proxies, so I couldn't get connected anywhere. I had to reinstall firefox :( . I never knew firefox had built-in support for proxy servers.

Tigarzzz (author)locofocos2007-12-03

really its called foxy proxy right where can u downloads it i want to check it out.

locofocos (author)Tigarzzz2007-12-03

At , but you need firefox to use it.

first problem when i click on setting it makes system preferences pop up and those are blocked oh well maybe cause im on a mac but i have an easier solution go to and install a circumventor on a computer thats not blocked and then itll give you a website that is private unless you tell someone your very own circumventor pyro-

thats what i did to get around the filter at my school.... they block the stupidest crap. is blocked for being "terrorist/militant"

Tigarzzz (author)hivoltage2007-05-24


well for my count it would be blocked for.. criminal skills fourums bulletin boards and now anamanizers along with everything you could think of

ya ya i already know about peacfire. the thing is that they are really really slow so this way is better... and i dont deal to much with a mac so i wouln't know how to help you there.

thats what we use now

bustermaxxx (author)2007-09-06

I have a problem codeen said my ip address is not recognize so im not allowed to use http and that includes :(

Tigarzzz (author)bustermaxxx2007-12-03

ya sometimes that happens to me too. U have to keep searching for a proxy that dosent do that unforunatley.

srobot (author)2007-07-03

Some web blockers at schools, and librarys block any, and all, use of "non-good" (aka how to make a bomb, on Instructables) websites, right from the roots of the computer. Check out "Net Nanny", ehhh I HATE the name!!!

smileyacid (author)srobot2007-09-03

YE,H Net nannys a terrible name i agree but not on the first part firefox portable or other good portable web browser apps arnet affected by net nanny so how can you secure against portable web apps ? please can you or anyone help ?

Tigarzzz (author)smileyacid2007-12-03

uhhh net nanny.... wha is that sorry never heard of it. but a proxy completley hides ur normal ip adresses identity.

firemanfu (author)smileyacid2007-10-21

I can get instructables at my school

rabid possum (author)2007-11-13

my Internet options were disabled by the administrator what do I do??????????????

Tigarzzz (author)rabid possum2007-12-03

USE FIre FoX if u cant put it on a computer put it on a flash drive.

texansfan01 (author)2007-11-29

i use a school computer, so i cant get on the internet options, now What?

Tigarzzz (author)texansfan012007-12-03

use mozzila fireox. If u have a flash drive download i to ur flash drive then u can run it on any computer

jerry4113 (author)2007-08-02

Give me a better script e-mail to

girrrrrrr2 (author)2007-06-16

ok now how do i get past websense???

Tigarzzz (author)girrrrrrr22007-06-29

Ok here is the deal on websense.... i just look at it brifly so i may be wrong... (prob not) websense is big... i mean really BIG it is an internatinol blocker. but it appears ur school has it running locally... and unless u know someone who can hack into the system u cant get past it.... and i really dont know to much about it so srry i cant be much help.

girrrrrrr2 (author)Tigarzzz2007-07-01 i have to learn to hack... i saw something that let me just bypass websense... completely... it had to be downloaded on a home comp and on the school one and alot of other stuff had to happen... but it seemed pluasble...

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