How to get postcards from around the world and make friends too!

Picture of How to get postcards from around the world and make friends too!
How would you like to get really cool postcards from around the world from real people? This instructable walks you through the simple process of using PostCrossings a great website that connects post card senders from around the world.
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Step 1: Join PostCrossings

Picture of Join PostCrossings
First you need an account on PostCrossings http://www.postcrossing.com.

This is free, but you will need an email account (not unlike this fine site).

As a personal note, I suggest you mention your hobbies and the kinds of cards you would like to receive on your profile. This helps people sending you a card to select a card that best fits you interests. I also suggest a face picture, but understand that some people feel uncomfortable with that.

Step 2: Buy or make some postcards

Picture of Buy or make some postcards
Next of course you need some post cards.

You can be creative and follow some of the instructables on this fine site to create your own post cards. Be sure to stay to the standard size (4" x 6" in the US) to improve the chances of your card being delivered successfully around the world.

On the other hand, you can go to the "drug store" (Walgreens in my area) and buy some post cards featuring local monuments or locations (like the post card of the Gateway Arch shown here). You can also choose funny or sexy postcards (as one of the people I sent a card requested) since the cards in your country are likely to be quite different from cards in other countries.
LeosWorld4 years ago
Plymouth, Ma. "America's Home Town"

Great place to  send or recive cards from
hi i am looking to get postards from places other than california for my sons 3rd grade project flat stanley you can email me back for the address and the project needs to be turned back in by february 1 st if you can send me some thank you...
ansanma5 years ago
Thank you for showing this. It's amazing and you give useful tips!
Miss World6 years ago
I'm a member there :D I've sent two postcards already _
tinkernaut6 years ago
Thanks for the ible! I joined and I am about to send my first cards! I was also online when they logged the 2,000,001st card received! What a milestone! Thanks, again.
scafool6 years ago
This sounds fun.
Gjdj36 years ago
I like this a lot. I'm surprised more people haven't seen this Instructable. Nice job.
Kiteman6 years ago
That's fascinating, and highly commended in this age where handwritten messages are getting few and far between. I shall wave this at #1 Son, and also mention it to my pupils at school.