Step 4: Fill out the postcard and mail it

Picture of Fill out the postcard and mail it
Before getting involved with PostCrossings I had not sent a post card since summer camp. If you find yourself in the same situation, here is a quick refresher on how to fill out a postcard.

1) The stamp goes in the upper right corner. I put this on first so that I don't cover up any text I put on the card.

2) Do not write in the bottom 1/2 inch or so (see picture) since the automated sorting bar code goes there. You can see on the card I received how the ID was printed over.

3) The address of the recipient goes on the right side under the stamp and above the clear area at the bottom of the card. I don't suggest putting the PostCard ID here in case it gets confused with the address.

4) On the left side write the post card ID clearly so that the recipient can easily read it. If they can not read and enter the ID, you will never get "credit" for the card and it will be considered to be in the mail.

5) Last but not least, write a nice note to the person, perhaps explaining the significance of the picture on the card if the card does not (this example does).

Now go stick it in the mail and check the PostCrossings web site to see if it has been received.

Finally, a quick note about language. The web site assumes that all cards are in English (or one of its derivatives like American). Some people will say in their profile that they accept cards in other languages, but unless they do, stick to English.