Step 3: Find the Codes

Next you will need to find the codes for Guitar Hero on Tour find the cheat that reads "max cash" press the "A" button. Now with your stylus press on the thing were it says start. Now Guitar Hero on Tour will start.
R4S are cool. Get one
i know what an r4 and an r4i is but what is an r4s?
An R4s is multiple R4's.<br />
oh i subbed to you
why pay 20$ for a AR when you can get a AceKard 2 for 12$ at DealExtream? you also left out that you need to put the codes on the action replay.
change the title to "...IN guitar hero...'
agreed. the current title implies that you will earn physical money from doing this, not that you will have a lot of money in the GAME.

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