Picture of How to get rich on Guitar Hero on Tour
I will show you how to get rich on Guitar Hero on tour!
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Step 1: Action Replay DS

Picture of Action Replay DS
To get rich on Guitar Hero on Tour you will need a Action Replay DS. You can probally find one at any game stops or places like that they are about $20.00.

Step 2: The process begins

Picture of The process begins
Put Guitar Hero on Tour into your Action Replay DS then put the Action Replay DS into the DS and turn the power on.

Step 3: Find the codes

Picture of Find the codes
Next you will need to find the codes for Guitar Hero on Tour find the cheat that reads "max cash" press the "A" button. Now with your stylus press on the thing were it says start. Now Guitar Hero on Tour will start.

Step 4: Alot of money

Picture of Alot of money
O.K. now go to your saved file on Guitar Hero on Tour and your cash should say oh I dont know something like $9999999999999.00
Congrats you are now rich!