How to Get Rid of Ants!!


Introduction: How to Get Rid of Ants!!

This is for all you people who want to get rid of those tiny little household ants. These ants are called pavement ants. I do not support the killing of black ants though just to tell you! This procedure worked for me! When we had pavement ants at our old house! This should work on all kinds of ants but is easier when used on small ants.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Ok you will need:

a bottle of germX(hand sanitizer)
Half a bottle of a sweet gatorade(probably like a fruit punch flavor!)
And a can of Raid
You will also need a spray bottle

Step 2: Mixing

Ok now that you have all your ingredients you want to mix the fruit punch gatorade and the GermX you should use 5-10 squirts for small ants together in the spray bottle!! Then after you have done that find the ants nest dig it. Once you have dug it up soak them with this solution since it is sweet smelling they will start to eat it while there eating the concoction put the dirt back over them!

Step 3: Raid Spray

Ok if you want to be sure spray them with raid but raid takes 2-4 days to work my solution only takes 1-2 days!


this solution should work with all ants you might have to use less or more GermX for specific types of ants!!



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    Also cornmeal will work.pour some on the nest and they eat it and it kills them.
    quick and easy..

    I found another method that killed ants within a week.  There is a substance you can by that solidifies when it enters the stomach of the ant.  For some reason, the ants are attracted to this substance like drugs.  You will start seeing dead ants all around the house.  Once all the workers are dead, the Queen will move out, most likely dying from the substance being fed to her.  Kill her if you can on the way out, then spray a pepperment oil/water mixture inside and outside the perimiter of the house.  For some reason, ants hate this smell.  Worked like a charm!

    2 replies

    borax and sugar I don't know the ratio...

    So what's the 'substance'?!?!?

    poor ant!    *,*  

    i pour gasoline into there nests and burn em or spray them with oil or wd-40

    I've got a nasty red ant problem at my house and the only way i've been able to fight them back without chemicals is to shove a pvc pipe into their nest outside and pour boiling water into it.

    1 reply

    Ouch! You are ruthless!

    Then again, the ants are ruthless

    My mom attempted to make a little sign that said "Dear Ants, You are making our life unpleasant. Please leave before we must kill you. We appreciate your understanding." Funnily enough I think it worked... (cue Twilight Zone music) :)

    I would often pour germ-x and the sort on bugs! =)
    Goodbye buggies!

    5 stars! this works really well!

    i was reading somewhere that if you use cooking spray it kills them havent tried it

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    since im asian, i know that if you use insence (i think thats how you spell it), use the smoke, they run like CRAZY

    1 reply

    hahaha,or it just gets 'em high right??

    ducttapedude, UR A LIFE SAVER. my GAWD was my great ant getting on my nerve.(u know how relatives can be)i meen, cant we share the packet of pepporoni?!? well, wats done is done. who knew the smell was so bad..

    And Just For Fun And Finalizing Them , Add a little of gasoline and drop a match there , it smells nasty but it'd guaranteed

    How do you find the ant's nest? How deep are they, generally?

    1 reply

    well if you have pavement ants they usually live right up to your house and they are not very deep!! but talk to expert people for other ants!

    If you just take a cotton swap and dab ammonia where the ants are coming into your house (or just around the parameter of your windows and doors) it will keep them from coming inside without killing them.