Tired of having that ugly 'Razor Burn' on maybe your...

"Private" Area(s) (Ladies, you just don't like all that hair, or for your partner)

Legs (Self concious/Gay/Sport)
Arms (Self concious/Gay/Sport)
Armpits (Self concious/Sport/Gay)
"Private" Area(s) (Maybe you like to have it clean for your partner)

Step 1: For guys


1. Dry area with Razor Burn
2. Rub Vaseline roughly on area (90% chance it WILL sting)
3. Get a cold wash cloth
4. Run a hot bath (NO SHOWERS)
5. Gently set cold wash cloth over Razor Burn area
6. After the sting is almost gone, you may notice their is more Razor Burn this will help it heal faster
7. Take cloth off, and rub soap over Razor Burn area
8. Dry your Razor Burn area thoroughly

Give it 2 days and it will dissapear!

For Penis:

Follow all instructions above "FOR ANY PART" except, for the 2 instruction, rub very gently or you may get a "hard on"


do you draw a bath and look at it or actually go in? please be more specific
<p>be nice she lets you have common sense</p>
I learned once that using hair conditioner instead of shaving cream leaves the skin soft and prevents razor burn. It works for both ladies and men. Also replacing the blade often helps. I have tried this when I forgot to pack shaving cream during my vacation and it works.
<p>You also get a closer shave. Bonus!</p>
I'm sorry but this is not only ridiculous but also unhelpful. Tip : for most people hair grows back in two days, and needs to be shaved again.
i have a razor burn how can i fix it fast
Whenever I get razor burn, I use Swedish Skin Care Razor Burn Freedom for Women. Works every time!
I use this product too! And im loving it, I havent found any product that works better.
i tried it so lets see if it works:)
just wondering, has anyone tryed this? if so, can you tell me wether or not it works? thanks (:
Coochie Cream is available online and works wonders to stop razor burn but also prevent the red bumps from under-turned hair follicles when shaving underarm, legs, bikini line and/or pubic area. I found my first bottle online at E-bay before learning our local &quot;adult store&quot; carried the same product in a larger bottle at a lower price &amp; no shipping charges or waiting for the mail. <br /> <br /> I learned a few weeks later that the ingredients are the same as what is in a heavy-duty hair conditioner that removes tangles after shampooing one's hair (on the head, not the pubic region); however, it worked just as well and was cheaper than buying Coochie Cream. Try something like Pantene's hair conditioner for extremely dry, damaged, and/or chemically treated hair. It works just as good and is cheaper than Coochie. <br /> <br /> BTW, I learned from the owner of the &quot;adult entertainment store&quot; that the strippers who work at the local strip clubs use Coochie Cream to prevent the irritation, under-turned follicles, and burning from razor burn. One more thing that will help is to 1st shave w/ the growth of the hair then afterward shave against the grain of the growth to get the closest shave w/o experiencing razor burn but be sure to apply hair conditioner (or Coochie if you want to try it first) to prevent the razor burn, red bumps, and soreness. Apply a quality lotion to the shaved areas at night before bed to help the skin stay supple and soft as this helps prevent drying and ultimately helps prevent the red bumps from hairs trying to turn inward. Hope this helps... FYI: Use scissors (carefully) to shorten public hair as much as possible before shaving. It lessens the wear and dulling on the razor. <br />
This is re the razor and staying sharp longer...I read somewhere (and have found it is true ) that when you are finished shaving, use your blow dryer (on high) on the blades for a couple seconds to dry them. Seems to help. <br />
wait, Why no shower?
FangoriouslyCale: I prefer showers after but shave from a sterilized sink then clean the sink - sterilizing it again afterward. I don't trust baths when shaving that close b/c of the high-chance of infection from bacteria from sitting water. The best way is to have one of those shower heads that has a handle one can remove to use by hand to rinse off and bath when and after shaving; however, in my case I have to be diligent when it comes to the chance of infections b/c I have 2 autoimmune diseases&nbsp;(lupus &amp; Sjogren's) so it is extremely important for me to be proactive when it comes to prevention of the slightest possibility of infection. <br />
Running water = constant movement = no settling = No chance to re-couperate and heal= BAD
Please Help!!! i shved down below and it started bleeding so i searched up on it and most palces have said shave along with the way the hair grows but i shaved against so now what do i do it looks mank!!! help x
what about old razor burn? what if I didn't know how to do this and now I'm screwed..? can you make one for that? :D
you know i appreciate your honesty about the subject matter i have gotten razor burn down there and its no laughing matter. thanks good job Seraph

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