Step 2: Aluminum Flashing

This is a quick fix for multiple woodpecker holes found on wood siding. Just tack some aluminum flashing sheets on problem areas by using small aluminum nails. You can also paint the sheet to match the color of your house.
i use a crosman 760 airgun at 15 pumps, those (wood)Peckers are dead before they hit the ground.
<p>That's illegal, which I'm sure you know, &amp; don't care. </p>
<p>Good information here. A very useful resource for woodpecker removal is www.TheWoodpeckerRemover.com They helped me out tremendously!</p>
<p>If the woodpeckers are making a deep hole then if you put up a bird box for them they will stop making the holes and simply live int he box.<br>google government of Texas wood pecker damage to get details</p>
I've gotta give it to Crazyclown1. We used to have a terrible mockingbird problem in the neighborhood. What's wrong with mockingbirds, you ask? Even if you happen to like their shrill shrieks, I can't imagine you'd like them at 4am outside your bedroom window. They lived in every tree on our street. Finally, my neighbor got an airgun. Don't know what kind. He didn't kill the birds, so he must have shot to miss. He sure scared them! They haven't been back since.
I read years ago that recording a mockingbird, then playing it back will get rid of them. Technology finally caught up with the idea, so I tried it. It works! It takes persistence, and preferably a volume louder than they are. It sure is fun to hear them abruptly stop the racket, look around, glide their lazy butts down from the top of the tree and hunt around in confusion trying to find that other bird! One of them even flew into the window screen where I had my computer speaker perched! The same recording going out of windows on either side of the house really drives them nuts. ;-&gt;
Thank you for publishing this information. While we love having them visit our yard, I know woodpeckers can be quite annoying and destructive at times. At the same time, as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator I'm all to familiar with situations where people have taken a more &quot;violent&quot; approach to this and many other wildlife issues. I always appreciate these more positive and humane solutions.
try putting salt on their tails...works every time
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.AbsoluteBirdControl.com">http://www.AbsoluteBirdControl.com</a> is where I purchased my woodpecker repellent kit. It works!<br/>
Interesting. I've always thought woodpeckers were pretty cool. We were particularly happy when one started coming by and pecking the fruit and nut block we hung outside on the deck. They're beautiful, and fun to watch. We make a point of leaving some dead trees standing at the back of our property, as well as building brush piles for sheltering small animals and birds. If you give them nice places to live nearby, they're unlikely to attack your house.
ok..... first off, if your gonna paint your house in polyurethane, you will have the shiniest house on the block(and it is REALLY expensive). Second, you dont need one of those fancy devices for makin bird noises, when all you need is an airhorn.
An airhorn? Perfect, if you have neighbors who don't mind sudden earshattering sounds. I've been turned in once to the county for a 'nuisance barking dog'...only I don't even HAVE a dog. I can't imagine what would happen if I started honking an airhorn. I do have a woodpecker who likes the south wall of my house to hammer on, as advertisement or whatever it is they do. But there is a window on the 2nd floor near that spot, and if I jerk the window open and holler at the bird, it flies away (for a while). It's something. I want something more.
Why would you want to get rid of wood-peckers? They peck wood!!!! How much cooler can it get, lol
4 woodpeckers starting pecking on our windows (the glass) We have lived here for 5 years and all of a sudden they are pounding on the window....help
Woodpeckers are federally protected under the Migratory Birds Act. Shooting them is highly illegal. So what I suggest is the above, in the instructable, or the old fashioned, air horn :). You know what to do from there
Try banging on a wall from the inside right opposite from where the woodpecker is on the outside.

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