How to Get Rid of Blackheads





Introduction: How to Get Rid of Blackheads

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blackheads are a serious problem for me so I chose to show y'all a method I use for controlling them!

Step 1: Preparing

Open the hot water, wait for it to heat up and make sure it is warm, but tangible. Then take a rag or towel of any sort and get it wet.

Step 2: Open Your Pores

Put the wet towel on your nose to open your pores, leave it there for a couple of minutes

Step 3: Glue

take liquid glue, (stick glue wont work) and spread a layer over your nose.

Step 4: Wait

wait 5-7 minutes for the glue to completely dry

Step 5: Peel

start from one end of your nose and peel the glue off all the way to the other side. it'll actually look a tad gross as all the dirtiness comes off your nose, it will hurt a little bit but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle.

Step 6: Clean Up

clean off excess glue

Step 7: Done!

repeat as many times as necessary. Hope this helped!



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    instead of glue you can use egg whites and tissue, it will work just as well but still...

    GREAT TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    3 years ago

    I do the same thing for mine. I have found that putting a small piece of paper towel on the glue when its wet. helps it comes off easier when its drys.

    1 reply

    Excellent idea, I will certainly be sharing this idea with my teenage nieces and I am sure they will be sharing it with there friends. Thanks for the great idea!!!!!!


    3 years ago

    At school We used to put that kind of glue on the back of our hands and Peel it off once it dried, it made our hands soft and peeled off the dirt. This is so Cool.

    This probably works but consider that the glue producers will likely get a hissy fit from it. You aren't supposed to glue your face and some might be prone to allergic reactions or have sensitive skin ( there is a reason for skin products being labelled hypoallergenic).

    1 reply

    haha I was thinking the same thing, but I have extremely sensitive skin and it doesn't cause any type of reaction on me so I figured it would be fine lol

    ET in the towel! I love it....the first pic looks like E.T. from the movie! great ~ible. will pass it on.

    You're a freaking genius!

    another brilliant use for elmer's! will be sharing this with my daughter. she's using scrubs and this looks much easier.

    Nice. Eat your heart out biore. Best part-"Heat the water til it's hot but tangible." Love it.