Step 5: A few last notes...

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Just a few last words for you before you begin your battle with the fleas.

A few products to help you:

Insect Growth Inhibitors (IGR's)
These products will keep eggs, larvae, and pupae from evolving into adults, but will do nothing to control pre-existing adults.

Citrus peel extracts (Limonene and Linalool)
Citrus peel extracts are among the safer treatments, but you need both limonene and linalool to kill fleas in all 4 stages of growth so make sure you choose a product that contains both of them. Use these for spot cleaning and beddings, but not entire rooms or outdoors. Use only EPA registered products directly on people or pets, as a poorly refined citrus extract can cause harm and even the death of your pet. Always consult your vet first.

Flea collars
Flea collars work by constantly emitting poisonous vapors that kill any fleas on the animal. Unfortunately, these vapors can also be harmful to the pets and people that they are supposed to protect so use them sparingly and only for as long as needed.

Frontline is a great product that rids pets of fleas, ticks, and any other harmful insects. This can protect your pet from lyme disease.

Extreme Measures:
If any of the previous techniques are not enough, it's time to call a professional and put the task in their hands. You're probably exhausted anyway!

DISCLAIMER: Before using any of the previously mentioned products, be sure to consult with your Veterinarian. The author of this instructable is in no way liable for any damage done to people or property while following this guide.

Thanks for Reading!

-Brian Francois
JulieD47 months ago

My sister is a vetrinarian & she tells me that unfortunately Frontline hardly works now, that most fleas have somehow become immune to it. I found this to be true the last couple times I tried it. It figures this would happen after our local Costco started stocking it at a lower price. In a side note, I found the Costco brand actually attracted fleas to my dogs & caused an additional rash! I now use Trifexis which has the added benefit of guarding against heartworm, but it doesn't protect against ticks. However, since I was paying $19 a month before buying flea & tick medicine & then another $16 for heartworm protection (which can be a deadly problem rather than just an annoying one) I'm actually now saving money, only paying $20 a month instead. When you have 2 dogs & live on a fixed income, that can be a significant incentive. There are other products now that kill fleas along with other parasites that I would ask your vetrinarian about rather than using Frontline any longer.

I was at our beach cottage and the fleas invaded our home just before a hurricane struck the area. A good remedy was a flea bomb from the hardware store. Set them off and get yourself and all pets out of the house. Follow directions on the can. Then bathe your pets and yourself. The idea of the "nit comb" (for lice) works well, too, to get them off your pet, if you prefer not to use poisons. (Get it at the drug store in the shampoo section.) You have to do it every day, until you don't find any more. AND, be prepared for the frisky little devils to jump all over the place as you're combing! You have to be fast to crush them on the comb before they jump off.
frenzygirl3 years ago
ive tried the baths thing with my cats and nothing there back that next day i even went out and bought dawn dish soap and that helped alittle but first i tryed sergeants gold flea and tick shampoo and the fleas were back that next day
The soap get the fleas off of them but does not prevent them from coming back. Your going to have to get Front line or a flea collar for them to help keep them off.
cslabber4 years ago
Yeah, my pup just got some fleas no matter what I do they just keep coming back! It's like they're unstoppable! I am giving him a bath daily and that still doesn't help! What should I do?
ke4amp6 years ago
Sevndust kills fleas and is safe to put on your animal.
Carl l6 years ago
I have been using nematodes in the yard for years and never had one flea on the dog/cat or in the house. It's the only way to go for preventive care. Carl l
manicmonday6 years ago
For outdoors use flea nematodes. They are microscopic pretadors of fleas. They work best in wet weather, cause extreme dryness will kill them. You spray them on the lawn with a hose-end sprayer, and they stay for long periods of time killing fleas. I get them at my local producers co-op, but other than that I can't tell you where to get them.