Hello there! Today I wanted to share this quick and easy tip on how to get rid of mice naturally. This solution is my favorite way to eliminate rodents in your house safely and naturally. Most folks think that poisons or mouse traps are their best options. This is not the case. Watch this short 2 minute video and I'll show you how to get rid of your rodent problems forever.

You should never consider using any type of poison as an extermination option for pests and rodents. They may be effective in getting rid of mice, but they also pose a severe health hazard to you, your family and your pets. Also, I said it before and I'll say it again... most mouse traps are inhumane and unnecessary. I can show you how to get rid of mice naturally without killing or endangering yourself, family, pets or the mouse.

There is a natural oil you can use as a repellent that will get rid of all the mice in your house. This effective remedy has a smell that is problematic for small pests but very pleasing to us. Mice depend on their senses to survive. With this oil, you can naturally deter them away from you home by effecting their sense of smell. The presence of this repellent will restrict any rodents ability to find food and avoid prey. They will have no choice but to move on to another home.

Mouse infestations can be hard to deal with. These sneaky pests are hard to eliminate and dangerous to have in our homes because of the viruses and bacteria they can carry. You should always take action at the first sign of a mouse control problem. Just watch this short video to learn about this special oil and a few other fantastic tips on how to get rid of mice naturally.

Thanks checking out my Instructable and best of luck with eliminating your rodent problem. Please remember that there is always a natural solution! I hope you enjoyed my video about how to get rid of mice naturally. Cheers!

<p>just sales BS</p><p>should be flagged for removal or something...</p>
<p>It would be nice if the instructions were on this site as well as your own. After all this is Instructables.</p>
<p>Pretty clean article! Thanks! However, I really do have an issue! For me, I think the ultimate way to get rid of mice naturally is to starve them. The reality is, if you don't leave scrapings, droppings or dirty dishes in your sink, you really won't have much off an issue with rodents. They're all about the food and garbage. When you take away their food source, there's really no need for them to come around. As <a href="http://www.onlinepestcontrol.com/how-to-get-rid-of-mice/" rel="nofollow">highlighted in an article I read</a>, proper sanitation and less ( or no) access to food will likely keep rats out. For me, that's the ultimate solution!</p>
<p>Where is the blog link at ---was looking for it so i can use this peppermint trick---we have had house settling ---live in the Texas area where ground shifts alot and they did some piers to keep house from shifting etc but ever since they did all that digging ----we have had cockroaches or water bugs and mice....help!</p>
<p>I HOPE THIS SITE HELP&gt; http://chipptips.com/mice/</p>
I don't know why you don't want to reveal <strong>PEPPERMINT OIL </strong>as your secret ingredient. The Instructables website is about helping people do things. It is not about sending people to other websites to find out how to do things. Now I will remember the name chip marshall as the guy who is not helpful.
I knew this trick! I know a lot of people who use this on a rag and put it on the engines of cars that sit around for long periods of times. I told a teacher friend about the peppermint oil when she had a mouse problem in her basement, she thought I was crazy but tried it...then boom no mice! Thanks for sharing!