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This is going over how to get rid of pimples, with simple supplies and no brand named treating medicine. This is very effective. I do not know if this will work on acne, becuase I have been using this and never have had real acne. If you like this rate it.
WHEN DOING this try not to touch your face very much.

Step 1: Supplies

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Get rubbing alcohol, some bandaids, and a Q-tip.
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JeraldR1 month ago
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JeraldR1 month ago
If u like my steps just reply here in this blog. HOPE U LIKE IT
JeraldR1 month ago
The best way to remove pimples is
Step 1=Wash your hands to remove dirt on your hands.
Step 2= Wash your face with soap.
Step 3=Dont wipe your face, wait for the water to dry on your face.
Step 4=When the water on your face dries up put a facial cleanser.
Step 5=dont rub your face or scratch your face. Pimples might spread on yor face.
Step 6=Do it when you wake up and before you sleep.
kennyhemens3 months ago
Alcohol on your face is a terrible idea all it does it's dry your face and while yes it does remove the pimple out causes more pimples and blemishes cause it also removes dead skin which get stuck in your pores.... So in essence go ahead and use alcohol for one pimple just be prepared for many more to follow...... However hydrogen peroxide is much more effective and does not kill skin cells it only acts as an anti bacterial which is what a pimple is a bacteria.
Gogirl85 months ago
emmagaff127 months ago
Thankyou! Sounds effective and great! Awesome help! Thanks!

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kstak111 year ago

I used to do rubbing alcohol but it never cleans my forehead. I have some acne on my forehead on my hair line. I just use acne pads and they clean my cheeks, nose, forehead and hair line. Sometimes I have to scrub my face, but that stings when I go over it with the acne pads.

I really like your blog!Especially the way you have used to explain the treatment of avoiding pimples with the help of pictures!

I really appreciate your effort!

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I am for sure going to suggest this site to her

Thanx for your help !

sathanere1 year ago

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aalbarran22 years ago
No don't do it at all....it can give you a rash.....one time I put alcohol all over my face and then I put my acne treatment,I ended up with a rash over my chin :(
honey under a bandaid usually works for me.
acy7 years ago
i wouldn't recommend this tip to anyone (sorry, clamsrule!) because what you're doing is applying a very harsh astringent to your face that will work--but will inhibit the pore from healing. you may end up with bad scars :|
Tchalvak acy7 years ago
I agree. Deal with the source (infection), don't overkill the result (the pimple itself).

I posted this in response to the other RocketScientist2015 instructable, and finding out the information made a big difference to me, so I want to pass it on:
I happened to read a "skin care" book (a heavy duty one by some dermatologist or another) and came across, among all the dietary suggestions, this GEM of information:

Many commercial "anti-pimple" cremes are -inflammatory- agents because they act to dry out the natural oils of the skin and have astringent ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astringent ) properties that pucker the visible pimple site's size for a time, but irritate the skin to cause pimples to continue to return (especially cremes with sulfurous drying agents, as I recall).

The advice of the book was, DO NOT USE ASTRINGENT ANTI-PIMPLE CREAMS, they'll clear things up for the short term but make the pimples return long term. USE ANTI-BIOTIC CREME!
After this common sense revelation, I started using Neosporin instead of the anti-pimple creme that I had tried before, and the change over worked wonders, I really recommend it.
I've actually used neosporin on pimples before (i forgot why I tried it) and it seemed to work pretty well
where cud i buy neosporin? how much does it cost?
 You can just buy it at your local CVS store or Riteaid or Walgreen's. Also, check the health and beauty section at your local grocery store :) for a half ounce it is about  $6 for one whole ounce it costs about $9
If you live in the U.S you can get it at rite aid, or pretty much any drug store, as well as most grocery stores with a pharmacy/health department. Look for it near the band aidsbecause it is an antibiotic ointment
milk of magnesia works very well too.
now I wonder... perhaps a syringe I shall seek? jk
naruto 7777 years ago
i am in middle school (7th grade) i see many people with acne, including me, an i need a cure, i just ordered some medicin stuff for it and it is working,but who wants to wear a bandaid on their head? that will just lead to more criticisum.
Thornburg (author)  naruto 7777 years ago
I dont wear them at school. I wear them when I go to bed.
But some people get ready in the morning or don't feel like doing it at night, and I read in a booklet that came with my medicine and it said that rubbing alcohol is harsh, and it ages your skin faster.
Thornburg (author)  naruto 7777 years ago
Does it say how much makes your skin age.
Hold on let me check
no it doesnt but this is what it does say.
Isopropyl rubbing alcohol can be cerry irritating to skin. it will strip the top layer of your skin and may actually cause the oil glands to secrete more oil to stay in balence. this can cause more blemishes and dry red skin, especally if you have sensitive skin. and so i dont get in trouble with the coppieright law or something, this came in a booklet that came with a proactive kit, the words that are bolded is the what the book said.
I know this is a huge delay, and hopefully you got over the problem by now, but... don't use the proactiv. It makes it better for 2 weeks, and then it comes back much worse
no but i got stronger medicin from the doc, people say its working well, but i dont think it is
Thornburg (author)  naruto 7777 years ago
Well I dont use this very much. I dont have any pimples, or acne, so I use this 1 every two weeks. I havent used this for atleast 3 weeks. I dont think that I am going to be looking like a granny at 50.
Bran naruto 7777 years ago
Scrub your face every day - might sound like a pain in the butt, but trust me - it's definitely worth it. There's a few people at my school who have so much acne, it looks like they scrape themselves with razor blades, being that most of their face is a bright pink color.
naruto 777 Bran7 years ago
i always scrub my face with warm water to open my pores and put the medicine i have on my head and i do this every night before i go to bed, and my acne isnt as bad as what you described, and bran are u a hunter?
Bran naruto 7777 years ago
Yes. 'Tis me and my deer in my avatar.
Naruto777, I don't know where you ordered your medicine from but the best thing to do is either schedule and appointment with your doctor or next time you are there for a checkup just mention that your acne is becoming a problem and he/she can prescribe some medication based on your age, health, and degree of acne. It really is best way to eliminate acne versus just a single pimple. The doctor knows best....usually.
yes but this said it worked, ( most things do) but this is actually working.
Briguy97 years ago
what about putting astringent on a bandaid and putting the bandaid on the pimple and leaving it there until you cant stand it anymore? dries it out and preps for popping. very easy fix.
joey25426677 years ago
just pop it!
cant you just do it old skool and dab it with mud and wash?
cry_wolf7 years ago
I just pop mine on site and they are gone in a day or so XD
Thornburg (author)  cry_wolf7 years ago
I NEVER POP MINE. I will just get scabs. Also that disguisting. Going to give you a lecture. Pimples are cause by germs and grease getting into pores cloging it. When a pimple is formed many germs form. If you pop it you are just spreading it around on you face. That is just gross. Hopefully that has changed your mind.
I do it in a sanitary way mind you. What is inside is basically bacteria so i squeeze it until it bleeds. Then i sanitize my face by washing it using a cleanser like Cetaphil or soap. After i dry my face it is swollen and tissue fluid comes into to do its job. In no way do i spread the bacteria, etc. Thats just unsanitary and disgusting. Its like taking engine grease and rubbing it on your face.
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