Step 1: Download the FTDI Drivers

Skip this step if you can link an example to your chip, such as blink.

Go to http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm The FTDI card drivers website and click on Windows XP. Save this somewhere, and when you plug in your arduino, direct the Add New Hardware wizard to that folder. It should install about two to four different things.
I had a really weird problem, it said that there was no such file then failed, although I had saved the sketch. It turned out to be a interrupt in my code!!!
Yeah. If your program is really screwy, then it sometimes thinks that it's not really a file for some strange reason.
Yeah, it's weird, cos the other day, I worked out how to use Serial.read(). The variable type was set to BYTE and it kept giving me a weird y character which was because it wasn't receiving anything from the serial port.
Try making it int.That happened to me before.≤2├█Æ5ëó╙τw6►<±
Yeah, I'll try that next time I get an error.But, I had a catastrophic faliure the other day. My computer crashed!!!!! I lost all but about 20 out of my 100 or so programs. So I had to reinstall arduino-0015 but it didnt recognise my board. The FTDI drivers were there, turns out, parts of them were missing, so take my word for it. If you reinstall a different arduino IDE , always update the FTDI drivers.

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