How to get rid of the stupid ".hex No Such File" Error when uploading Arduino!

Step 1: Download the FTDI drivers

Skip this step if you can link an example to your chip, such as blink.

Go to The FTDI card drivers website and click on Windows XP. Save this somewhere, and when you plug in your arduino, direct the Add New Hardware wizard to that folder. It should install about two to four different things.

Step 2: Download the GOOD Arduino software.

If you have Arduino 0012 or 0010, then you need to get rid of it for 0009. It won't come up with the hex error like later ones. Those later ones will look like they work, but they are pure evil for programmers who don't just want to mess around with the blink rate of that oh-so popular example.

Step 4: Try it out!

An easy way to do this is to change the blink rate of the blink program in Examples/Digital and save it somewhere else, then load it and try to upload it to your board. If it works, then you're done. If it doesn't work, then Post a comment.