Step 6: Wild Animals - Lethal - Poison

Picture of Wild Animals - Lethal - Poison
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Another alternative is to use a poisoned bait of some kind to kill the animal. For small rodents the commercially available rat and mouse poisons would work just fine. I wouldn't recommend poison for larger animals as it would difficult to get the right lethal dosage. Something else to consider is that many rat and mice poisons are based on blood thinners so the animal bleeds to death. Having been on blood thinners and having had the unpleasant experience of bleeding because of them I just can't bring myself to use this method. I'm also just not sure of how messy it is. The bleeding could all be internal or they could bleed out, I honestly don't know.

A method my uncle used for mice is uncooked instant mashed potatoes. The mice eat the instant potatoes which expand in their stomach which crushes their organs. I imagine this might work for other small rodents.

This next method is not recommended but for the sake of completeness I'll mention it. A different uncle killed of a family of groundhogs using chlorine gas. He blocked off all the entrances to the burrow except one. He then poured ammonia and bleach down the hole which generated chlorine gas and suffocated/burned the lungs of the groundhogs. This gas can do the same to people and to use it would be exceptionally risky if not downright stupid.

There are many available insect baits that all work well. Some of these are liquids that illustrate one of the main drawbacks of poisoned baits. The ones that look like honey have appeared enticing to children and they end up getting poisoned instead. This is the main draw back of poison; it is less specific than aiming a gun and can kill things you don't intend to such as domestic animals, beneficial insects and humans.
Blackice5042 years ago
The smell of peppermint oil for mice is a nice deterrent, i have used this before and it does work, i will try to plant peppermint around my home because, i hate mice there a menace to electrical cables = fire hazard, they carry disease's that can effect humans, they can even run under your covers when you sleep and that is disturbing for me.
I would have to say I not 100% with you on the poison as you don't know where it can die unless you put the poison in a cage trap thing but that is so much work, especially with my room mate. "who loves to leave food out for these things" But i do feel a warm fussy feeling when i see a mouse that is dead.
weiblen.c5 years ago
Poison is not safe.  Period.  It is impossible to anticipate where it will end up.

Poison does not work instantly, so poisoned animals can travel quite far before they die and you can never be sure that you have found all of the corpses. (Sometimes they can even end up stuck inside of walls. Imagine one rotting in the wall behind your favorite chair.)

Unless you are able to find ALL of the corpses and dispose of them properly, poison always ends up getting ingested by secondary animals. ALWAYS.

Nature is full of opportunistic animals, large and small, that will scavenge a dead rodent or bird.  Foxes are one of the common animals that fall prey to secondary poisoning, not to mention your own cat or dog.  Eagles, hawks, and owls also die frequently from eating poisoned prey.

Traps are much safer.  If you feel you have to kill the pests, do so after you have trapped them, and be humane about it.  You can also use lethal traps that will do the job for you.

Poison is never the right answer.

Even our supposed wildlife experts have made this mistake.  I wonder if they learned their lesson:
Mr.Crackers6 years ago
I ha-e to kill animals, but love to have a garden. Animal control is not going to help protect a garden. There would be thousands of calls for help. Sure we could build huge fences to keep the animals out, costly and ugly. I live in a large city in the east coast. There are more rabbits, skunks, ground hogs, deer and even hawks then in the country. Please worry about living people in bad places like Africa. Thanks
katz056 years ago
You should not recomment to kill as a method, unless your life is at risk. but not as a method to rid of "unwanted" animales Efective way to "deal" with an animal??? this is not effective, this is cruel irresponsible an violent-promoter. Are you assuming that any living thing is a "problem" that must be taken away just killing Instead this irresponsible recomendation you should do emphasis on avoid to do things that attract the animals, and to kill as a last resort and only in strict self-defense Remember that wildlife was there before we do. and lot of them are endangered species.