How to get root access on your Motorola Photon/Electrify

Step 4: Get the Root files

Create a folder called root in the C drive by itself. Now, download the ADB Package and the Torpedo file, too. Extract the ADB package .zip file to the "Root" folder you created in the C drive. Move the Torpedo file there, too. You're almost done!

Now, plug in your phone to the computer via USB. In the USB settings set it to charge only, that seems to help with reliability. The computer might say "installing device drivers". Let that finish.
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gamerguy13 (author) 2 years ago
I'm sorry about that. It seems that on several tech sites that the files are no longer available for download. I will need to edit my instructable, but in the meantime, I found another method without ADB on this site:
weddy330682 years ago
I am unable to get the ADB Package download. It keeps saying that I can't access the server.