Usually if you get something in your eye, your eye will tear up and wash out the foreign body. Sometimes, though, something gets in your eye and you can't quite get it out. A couple of health and safety warnings before we get whatever it is out of your eye. First off, be careful not to stratch your corneas. A scratched cornea can be quite painful and take a couple of days-if not longer- to heal. Be careful, and don't go poking around in your eye with anything that has any kind of sharp tip.

Also, be sure to wash your hands so you don't give yourself an eye infection.

If you have anything embedded in your eye, or bits of glass, metal, very large foreign bodies or chemicals in your eye, don't try to get them out yourself. Tape a paper cup over your eye and head to the ER or your doctor's office.

With that said, on to getting that thing out of your eye!

Edit: I completely neglected to cite sources I quoted. Mea culpa. If this was a paper, I'd get an F. 
Thank goodness it's not and I don't!


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Step 1: Method to try

Picture of Method to try
Look in a mirror, if one's handy, and try to locate where the foreign object is in your eye.

The method you try will likely depend on where the nasty bit is in your eye.

First, no matter where the object is, try blinking. I don't mean a little sissy *wink, wink*. I mean, really BLINK. If this works and the object is out of your eye, congratulations! Please post a comment and tell me what a difference this instructable made in your life. Everyone else move on to the next method.

Step 2: Something else to try

Picture of Something else to try
Next, try flushing out the eye with some lukewarm water. You can hold your eye under a running facet, or take some water in a small cup and pour it in your eye to flush it out.

Still got something in there?

Step 3: No joy? Keep at it...

Picture of No joy? Keep at it...
If the particle is behind your upper eyelid, Pull your upper eyelid over the lower one and roll your eye upwards.

Step 4: Oh, dear. It's still not out?

Picture of Oh, dear. It's still not out?
If it is under your lower eyelid or in the corner of your eye,
hold down your lower eyelid and use the corner of a clean handkerchief or a q-tip to gently try and get it out.

Step 5: I'm afraid you're beyond all help...

Picture of I'm afraid you're beyond all help...
Still have something in your eye? Sorry, I can't help you. You'll need to go to an opthalmalogist or the ER.

I hope this helped/entertained you for a minute.

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TaylorI5 days ago

Thank you so much!!! I saw how everyone was praising step 3 and thought it sounded too good to be true but it actually helped!! No ER tonight!

I can feel something inside my eye but not sure whether it is a hair. It has been there for 3 days. I tried all the 3 methods above but it doesn't work on me. I have no idea what else to do. Any other tips?

i also have same issue but its been almost 7 days .... I have been to my doctor too many times lately i just can't afford to go back, i tried all the methods but it still feels like something is in it, i can't see anything in it, its so annoying..! did yours come out?

DUDE! See a doctor! Three days?!

ForeverLA1 month ago

I had a hair in my eye all day yesterday, it's caused me a dry pink eye... It was my 29th birthday!! I spent most the day with the one eye closed. It never fell out but somehow I feel asleep at the end of the day... only to wake up to dry eyes and eye gunk and now that wont go away... I have no idea what to do at this point.

fsimjee1 month ago
Thanks Lithium Rain. Step 3 helped me. Wish I knew about this before ☺
AdrianW22 months ago

I dont see anything in the mirror, also how do I pull it over my upper eylid over my lower one?

Exactly how it sounds. You pull the top one over the bottom one.

Thanks so much! Had something in my eye since last night - much the same as below. scratching feeling and unable to see the object. Tried to sleep it off, still here this morning. tried to flush it out, thought I couldn't see step three (press orange next above these comments) and although I can't see what fell out my eye feels instantly cleared. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can get on with my day.

Greeneyeslinz2 months ago
I too got results from step 3. At first I didn't think it was gonna work. It took me about 10/15 minutes before I got relief. My eye is sore, but soooo relieved!!! I was just laying in my bed and next thing I know my eye has something in it. Looked in the mirror, used eye drops & Q-tips....nothing! I was seriously fixing to go the ER, because there was no way sleep was possible. Again, thanks for saving the night! :)

Yes!! Blinking and flushing out with eye drops did nothing, but thanks for the tip on pulling down my top eyelid. It worked!!

natalieharhar2 months ago

Step 3 seriously just worked like a charm! i was just sitting on my bed when i felt something fall into my eye, looked in the mirror, couldn't see anything, it was like this scratchy pain. tried rinsing out my eye with water, didn't help; used lubricating eyedrops; didn't help, did step three for about 30 sec, MAGIC!! i am so relieved. thank you!!!!!!!!

After doing step 3 about 10 times my eye was fine! Thanks bro!

Step 3 has just saved my life
BayuP22 months ago

Oh wow, step 3 was a lifesaver. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't work at first, I only got results after 40-50 tries. Looking in a mirror might help.

Thanks for the article - just for the help of anyone else out there what worked for me in the end was chopping a couple onions and crying like hell. Good luck to everyone.

Like everyone else , number 3 solved the problem immediately. I thought i was going to have to go to the emergency room. Thank you!
Thanks step # 3 helped completely. Wow ive had something in my eye for over 30 minutes and im cured! THANKS!!!
ChrisF33 months ago

step 3 = instant relief

Oh thank goodness #3. There has been something In my eye literally alllllll day. Work was not pleasant. I tried everything I knew. I'm trying to sleep and just feeling more irritated so to google I turned. THANK GOODNESS!!!! It's been 14 hours and it's finally over!!!!
UzairA14 months ago

WOw !!!!! Step 3 is awesome... 100 % working ... Thanx uploader

CortneyN4 months ago

Holy crap #3 is magic. THANK YOU. I was losing my mind.

Thank you so much!! You just saved me from a sleepless night. Step three all the way!

JoseC25 months ago

Ok..about step 3. I want to know exactly how its done. I dont know if im overthinking it but its hard to understand how to pull the upper lid over the lower. Like Hover over the lower, or have the lower touching the inside of the upper. In either case, after like 30 tries and twisting my upper eyelid in all forms over the lower, it worked! now my eyelid feels...abused, but a good work well done. I just want to know how to properly do it for future purposes.

ZachB45 months ago

Step 3, there is some magic in it!
I tried rinsing with water, eye-drops, pulling my upper lid out and blinking hard, etc., but for some reason a couple tries of step 3 did the trick! Very relieved.

Omg...I was struggling with discomfort for hours and your instruction to pull my upper eyelid over my lower and roll eye down fixed the issue! Thanks so much!! :)
skf115 months ago

Step 3 worked! :-D Thanks!!!!

calsblackvans5 months ago

I love you so much for step 3 oomggggggggg . now my eye feels weird not having it in there lol

KeithM36 months ago

Three worked great!

treble rebel7 months ago

i'm beyond your's probably a dog hair.this sucks

Smerkaber7 months ago

Thank you so much, the amount of joy that was bestowed upon me when my eye was free of debris was like Christmas morning.

CaileighLynn7 months ago

Step 3 worked for me thanks !!

ddepuy8 months ago

I had a very annoying feeling of a foreign object in my eye for the past few hours. Pulling the upper eyelid over the lower and blinking did the trick. Thank you!

BrettF18 months ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been stuck with a sore and watery eye for the past five hours. Trick three saved the day!

janesvillite9 months ago

Step three. Bam. You rock.

jmeade79 months ago

Dear god thank you so much sir/madam! You are a gent/lady magical person!! I spent 3 hours in pain and even thought i would need to take a screwdriver to my eye to prise the whole thing out !
Thank you for saving my eye :D :D :D :D

lmaximous10 months ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Step 3 saved me a trip to the doctor. I am so grateful for your tips.
asmeckly1 year ago
Thank you so much, I only knew two of the tricks!
tbrown681 year ago
tbrown681 year ago
How do you do step 3 ?
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