Step 2: Something else to try

Next, try flushing out the eye with some lukewarm water. You can hold your eye under a running facet, or take some water in a small cup and pour it in your eye to flush it out.

Still got something in there?

Number 3 is a sanity saver! Thank you!!!
Sir !! ... step 3 is the best thing you have up ur sleeve.. its 5 45 am.. since last night this fragment got me wrecked out.. thnks a lottt
<p>As others attest, step 3 works the best!! ;-)</p>
Omg step 3 really really really made me kneel down &amp; thank god ❤️
Step 3! Was hard to get hold of upper lid but only took about 5 minutes
<p>#3 IS INDEED THE TRUTH! A whole day of suffering and on the verge of going to the er and now it's all good. </p>
<p>The comments are all true. Method 3 is a F***ING LIFE SAVER! THANK YOU KIND SIR!!!</p>
(&acute;・_・`) Id also like to point out it was method 3 that helped me... Good night all \(^o^)/
(&acute;・_・`) Id also like to point out it was method 3 that helped me... Good night all \(^o^)/
Thank you SOOO MUCH. its 5:30 am and i've had some magical little sh*t in my eye for 2 hours and thanks to you I can finally sleep (〒︿〒) im so happy you deserve a f**king oscar or something of that manner. There is a spot for you in heaven sir...... Im so tired..
Thank you for the third step ! I was going crazy :(
The 3rd method worked well but only after a good flushing with water tried everything had the fragmentnt stuck in my eye for going on 9 hours so thanks alot for the advice worked great
Thank you so much. I was about to gouge my eye out ?
<p>Wow step 3 worked! Had something in my eye for close to 30 minutes, quite an irritating feeling. Tried step 3 and the feeling was gone in seconds!</p>
Help someone ive been trying everything to get an invisble object out its soooooo annoyying<br> And sore
Tell me what happened because I have the same problem, but I think your eye is just irritated. I woke up and did all the steps and it hurts now, So I think it's just irritated.
Tried blinking. Nope. For how much time should you put your eyelid over the other one? :'(
<p>AMAZING! I feel like my life was saved just now by a random internet savior! Thank you for this method.</p><p>It took me a couple tries and a few minutes but i got it!</p>
Hey! I have a small object behind the upper lid of my left eye and it is located more to the side. I tried the method whereas I hold my upper lid down and roll up my eyes. It still didn't work. I did have this last time and it was gone for a while. I didn't know what happened and here it is again. Should I confront a doctor?
Step three worked!! Yeah! This little bugger has been killing me for a week. Thanks!!!
<p>the first step worked for me god that thing was killing me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my mom didnt make anything better she start yelling at me but she kinda helped .</p>
<p>After 2 days, this morning i made two attempts at Step 3 &amp; the eyelash is out. Thank you.</p>
I had something on my upper eyelid. Thanks so much, its been like an hour since I had it!
<p>I had a hair in my eye all day yesterday, it's caused me a dry pink eye... It was my 29th birthday!! I spent most the day with the one eye closed. It never fell out but somehow I feel asleep at the end of the day... only to wake up to dry eyes and eye gunk and now that wont go away... I have no idea what to do at this point. </p>
<p>Sounds like you might have bacterial conjunctivitis which may or may not have occured due to the foreign body. </p>
<p>I can feel something inside my eye but not sure whether it is a hair. It has been there for 3 days. I tried all the 3 methods above but it doesn't work on me. I have no idea what else to do. Any other tips?</p>
<p>i also have same issue but its been almost 7 days .... I have been to my doctor too many times lately i just can't afford to go back, i tried all the methods but it still feels like something is in it, i can't see anything in it, its so annoying..! did yours come out?</p>
<p>There may be other issues at work here, common issues for prolonged sensation of a foreign body in the eye can include:</p><ul> <br><li><a href="http://www.richmondeye.com/eyehealth_foreignbody/#drye" rel="nofollow">Dry Eye</a><li><a href="http://www.richmondeye.com/eyehealth_foreignbody/#corn" rel="nofollow">Corneal Abrasion (scratched eye)</a><li><a href="http://www.richmondeye.com/eyehealth_foreignbody/#intu" rel="nofollow">Inturned eyelash (trichiasis)</a><li><a href="http://www.richmondeye.com/eyehealth_foreignbody/#corf" rel="nofollow">Corneal foreign body</a><li><a href="http://www.richmondeye.com/eyehealth_foreignbody/#fore" rel="nofollow">Foreign body under eyelid</a><li><a href="http://www.richmondeye.com/eyehealth_foreignbody/#recu" rel="nofollow">Recurrent or Spontaneous corneal erosion</a> </ul>
<p>DUDE! See a doctor! Three days?!</p>
<p>Step 3 saved me! I have had it for the last 3 hours and I am about to go and give a talk and feared leaky irritated eye distractions! </p>
One eye*
Thanks alot , step 3 worked , for the past 2 hours ive been playing football with one
I just blinked really hard and it worked.. Thanks
AMAZING! It wasn't coming out... Thank you so much! Step 3 is genius!!
Step 3 was the best
Step 3 is the greatest thing that hass happened to me in life.
<p>Step 3 - HURRAY!!</p>
Holy! Thank you! I got super scared that i needed to go to the ER! It happened while i was asleep, which is weird, the pain discomfort woke me up, i flushed it several times! Only holding it would stop the discomfort, i was sure none other method was going to work but intried #3 and it worked! It totally worked! Ive done it about 3 times now just to make sure whatever was in, gets out completely and fully, i can now go back to sleep for 1 more hour! Thankyouuu! ((:
<strong>I did step 3, at first it felt like something went back into my eye, I tried again and it fell out. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCHHH</strong>
<p>Thank you so much!!! I saw how everyone was praising step 3 and thought it sounded too good to be true but it actually helped!! No ER tonight!</p>
Thanks Lithium Rain. Step 3 helped me. Wish I knew about this before ☺
<p>I dont see anything in the mirror, also how do I pull it over my upper eylid over my lower one?</p>
<p>Exactly how it sounds. You pull the top one over the bottom one. </p>
<p>Thanks so much! Had something in my eye since last night - much the same as below. scratching feeling and unable to see the object. Tried to sleep it off, still here this morning. tried to flush it out, thought I couldn't see step three (press orange next above these comments) and although I can't see what fell out my eye feels instantly cleared. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can get on with my day.</p>
I too got results from step 3. At first I didn't think it was gonna work. It took me about 10/15 minutes before I got relief. My eye is sore, but soooo relieved!!! I was just laying in my bed and next thing I know my eye has something in it. Looked in the mirror, used eye drops &amp; Q-tips....nothing! I was seriously fixing to go the ER, because there was no way sleep was possible. Again, thanks for saving the night! :)
<p>Yes!! Blinking and flushing out with eye drops did nothing, but thanks for the tip on pulling down my top eyelid. It worked!!</p>
<p>Step 3 seriously just worked like a charm! i was just sitting on my bed when i felt something fall into my eye, looked in the mirror, couldn't see anything, it was like this scratchy pain. tried rinsing out my eye with water, didn't help; used lubricating eyedrops; didn't help, did step three for about 30 sec, MAGIC!! i am so relieved. thank you!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>After doing step 3 about 10 times my eye was fine! Thanks bro!</p>

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