Step 2: Something else to try

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Next, try flushing out the eye with some lukewarm water. You can hold your eye under a running facet, or take some water in a small cup and pour it in your eye to flush it out.

Still got something in there?

fattie2 years ago
So I woke up, went to wash my face, I used a scrub that morning, applied, scrubbed, rinsed. As I chucked water on my face for the last time I felt something in my eye, the same feeling I get when I have an eyelash in there. Since I have long eyelashes and plenty of them, this happened often. So I checked it out in the mirror but couldnt see anything. It seemed to be in the top eyelid section. It didnt seem to be an eyelash, it could have been a scrub particle, though whatever it was I couldnt see it. I fiddled with my eye for 5 minutes, nothing. Everytime i tried blinking I could feel it poking my eye as my eyeball rolled to the top eyelid. It was getting red and sore. I said a little prayer to God to relieve me from my turmoil. So I googled it and this came up. The first practical solution was to pull the top eyelid over the bottom. Hmmm...never done that before, so I went over to the mirror and after a couple of tries I managed to pull my top lid over the bottom, I gave my eyeball a quick roll around, then opened my eyes and blinked, that horrible feeling was gone! It had worked! I said a little thank you to God for making such brainy helpful people. Thank you brainy helpful people!!!
You put 'Something else in there?' Yeah, your eyeball. lol
Rishnai7 years ago
Yeah, and now I've got mineral water in my eye, too! Just kidding... I only tried that once. Never again. I had something stuck in my eye, and since I was walking past the mineral water fountains in Manitou, decided to wash it out. I didn't remember that the water is slightly fizzy, and has more minerals than you want have forming stalactites in your eye.
Lithium Rain (author)  Rishnai7 years ago
Lol! Where is Manitou?
About ten miles west of downtown Colorado Springs. Very nice little town.