Step 3: No joy? Keep at it...

Picture of No joy? Keep at it...
If the particle is behind your upper eyelid, Pull your upper eyelid over the lower one and roll your eye upwards.

KyleR828 days ago

Wow step 3 worked! Had something in my eye for close to 30 minutes, quite an irritating feeling. Tried step 3 and the feeling was gone in seconds!

TravisM62 months ago

AMAZING! I feel like my life was saved just now by a random internet savior! Thank you for this method.

It took me a couple tries and a few minutes but i got it!

After 2 days, this morning i made two attempts at Step 3 & the eyelash is out. Thank you.

jacworkspace6 months ago

I can feel something inside my eye but not sure whether it is a hair. It has been there for 3 days. I tried all the 3 methods above but it doesn't work on me. I have no idea what else to do. Any other tips?

i also have same issue but its been almost 7 days .... I have been to my doctor too many times lately i just can't afford to go back, i tried all the methods but it still feels like something is in it, i can't see anything in it, its so annoying..! did yours come out?

ForeverLA6 months ago

I had a hair in my eye all day yesterday, it's caused me a dry pink eye... It was my 29th birthday!! I spent most the day with the one eye closed. It never fell out but somehow I feel asleep at the end of the day... only to wake up to dry eyes and eye gunk and now that wont go away... I have no idea what to do at this point.

Thanks so much! Had something in my eye since last night - much the same as below. scratching feeling and unable to see the object. Tried to sleep it off, still here this morning. tried to flush it out, thought I couldn't see step three (press orange next above these comments) and although I can't see what fell out my eye feels instantly cleared. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can get on with my day.

natalieharhar7 months ago

Step 3 seriously just worked like a charm! i was just sitting on my bed when i felt something fall into my eye, looked in the mirror, couldn't see anything, it was like this scratchy pain. tried rinsing out my eye with water, didn't help; used lubricating eyedrops; didn't help, did step three for about 30 sec, MAGIC!! i am so relieved. thank you!!!!!!!!

After doing step 3 about 10 times my eye was fine! Thanks bro!

BayuP28 months ago

Oh wow, step 3 was a lifesaver. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't work at first, I only got results after 40-50 tries. Looking in a mirror might help.

ChrisF38 months ago

step 3 = instant relief

UzairA19 months ago

WOw !!!!! Step 3 is awesome... 100 % working ... Thanx uploader

CortneyN10 months ago

Holy crap #3 is magic. THANK YOU. I was losing my mind.

tempest.godwin10 months ago

Thank you so much!! You just saved me from a sleepless night. Step three all the way!

ZachB410 months ago

Step 3, there is some magic in it!
I tried rinsing with water, eye-drops, pulling my upper lid out and blinking hard, etc., but for some reason a couple tries of step 3 did the trick! Very relieved.

skf1110 months ago

Step 3 worked! :-D Thanks!!!!

BrettF11 year ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've been stuck with a sore and watery eye for the past five hours. Trick three saved the day!

Step three. Bam. You rock.

jmeade71 year ago

Dear god thank you so much sir/madam! You are a gent/lady magical person!! I spent 3 hours in pain and even thought i would need to take a screwdriver to my eye to prise the whole thing out !
Thank you for saving my eye :D :D :D :D

lmaximous1 year ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Step 3 saved me a trip to the doctor. I am so grateful for your tips.
tbrown681 year ago
How do you do step 3 ?
Addy7712 years ago
Thanks a bunch! The upper eyelid thing worked like a charm.
dlfamily2 years ago
"Pull your upper eyelid over the lower one and roll your eye upwards" This worked for me after trying to flush before i went to bed... gave up, when i woke up it was still there tried flushing it out some more no luck, finally found this article, THANK YOU THANK YOU, saved from misery.
Al3202 years ago
So is that all? Does that alone remove it, or do you still have to get the particle out of your eye once it has moved from being hidden in your upper eye-lid, to a viewable area? And what is the best way to do this?
jemcmiller2 years ago
I've had something in my eye since yesterday! I went to bed early because I couldn't take it anymore. I hoped sleep would do the trick. Nope, Still there! I was desperate to get it out and not have to go to the Dr. I did a search and your advice was first to come up. I tried tip #3 a couple times to no avail, but I kept trying. It worked. So thankful!
khyndman2 years ago
Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I was getting so scared I was going to have "sand" in my eye forever
mahtabmd2 years ago
Hi , Thanks a lot for your help.. I was feeling irritated with something stuck under my upper eyelid. I am relieved using the step-3 . i just want to thank you from bottom of my heart....

Thanks and Regards,
Mahtab Md.
htruelson2 years ago
OMG!!! I have no words to say how much I can thank you for Step 3! I have had this IRRITATING pain for about nearly 2 days and i thought i had my eye scratched, I tryed all kinds of techniques with flushing out water or blink hard and finally you helped me in 1 MINUTE! Thank you so much for making my day ever so brighter.
Jomack073 years ago
Amazing!!!! I just had to wake my husband up in the middle of the night to go to the store to get some eyedrops for me. I couldn't even close my eyes it hurt so bad. Tried this step while he was gone and it worked. OMG thank you soooo much!!!! Now I can go back on the boat tomorrow for some holiday weekend fun! :)
XLorigonzX3 years ago
Thank you!!!!!! I was riding my bike in a gravel trail and got a teeny yiny rock sick in my eye for over an hour. I was contemplating going to the ER since my eyes started swelling a bit and randomly twitching. I came across your guide and it worked like a charm! I appreciate it greatly!!!!!!!!!
triafgg3 years ago
Step 3 Saved me from a visit to A&E, and a miserable evening, thank you so much. I had tried pulling the top eyelid over but it didn't work until I tried it with rolling up the eye and the big blink. Superb.
shannonlove3 years ago
This step worked for me. A gust of wind blew several intact oak stamina right into my one good eye. Just lifted my specs for a second. A rather agonizing 15 minutes stumbling around largely blinded.

I tried flush and everything else but I couldn't remember the eye rotation. Fortunately, I could type by touch and read enough to get here

Back in the stone age when I was in the Scouts we memorized steps to clear our eyes. I thought I'd never forget them. Apparently I did. 
stormeye3 years ago
Step 3 did the trick - made my evening so much nicer. Thank you!
Riding my scooter to work tonight and in spite a visor and windscreen on my bike... something got in my eye. Have spent the last 5 hours attempting to get it out and and was sure my eye must be scratched. I had already tried the upper eye-lid over bottom without success. thank goodness for your instructable! Rolling the eye upward is the trick while holding the upper eyelid over the bottom. Thank You!
Rusty12153 years ago
I had already tried putting upper lid over bottom lid and it didn't work. When I tried your method with rolling the eye upward while doing that, IT WORKED!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
showard53 years ago
Thank you so so so much! I was starting to wonder if I had scratched my cornea because whatever it was I could not find it! Tried the pulling my top lid over my bottom one trick and it worked after 2 tries! *hugs* You saved Thanksgiving!
Lithium Rain (author)  showard53 years ago
You're welcome! I'm glad this was helpful! :) *returns hugs*
pwhalin3 years ago
pkhare33 years ago
This method worked after 30 minutes. Back to making my shelf.
Oh... so i dont have pink eye! YAY! thanks to this method i am no longer a unhappy person and i can FINALLY play Modern Warfare 3 without blinking!!! THANKS!
eberkowitz3 years ago
It worked! Thank you so much!!! Now I can go on with my day. :)
MsFusspot3 years ago
I did not expect the pulling-the-top-eyelid-over-the- bottom -one- and- rolling- the- eye -back thing to work for one minute. But it did. In fact all the other websites had convinced me I had a mildly scratched cornea even tho I was sure something was still in my eye (despite having rinsed it several times and not being able to see any 'particles' in it) so I thought I would have to put up with the horrid scratchy feeling for a day or two and it was extremely irritating and unwelcome ...THANK YOU VERY MUCH for instantly and improbably restoring my wellbeing. xxx
olemonjello4 years ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH... now back to the ceiling tiles
dpiper34 years ago
You sir are an absolute genius, tried everything else and nothing shifted it. Did the eye ball roll lid trick once and perfect! Life saver :D!!!
jwhite244 years ago
Oh my goodness, thank you! I've had something in my eye for over 12 hours and nothing has worked. It even stayed while I slept.
Lithium Rain (author)  jwhite244 years ago
You're welcome! I'm really glad this helped you.
number10s4 years ago
I cant even explane how grateful i am to you thank you sooo much and god bless u
Lithium Rain (author)  number10s4 years ago
Awwww, thanks. :)
kventura4 years ago
holy cow, this advice should not be free it works so well the first time. thanks
Lithium Rain (author)  kventura4 years ago
:D I'm glad it helped!
eglove4 years ago
Thank you so much!!!! I had a miserable day and looked online as a last resort!
I'm so grateful :)
Lithium Rain (author)  eglove4 years ago
You're very welcome! I'm glad it helped you.
lun0s4 years ago
Jumping on this train! This worked for me the first time, had something in my eye for like 12 hours(including sleep time). Than you SO much
Lithium Rain (author)  lun0s4 years ago
You're welcome! Thanks for taking the time to mention how much this has helped you! :)
jcooper34 years ago
WOW amazing!!! I was almost to the point of going to a doctor b/c i could get whatever was in my eye out. I tried all previous steps and none of it worked but this step work the very 1st time!!! Thanks so much!!!
Lithium Rain (author)  jcooper34 years ago
Yay! You're welcome!
THANK YOU tremendously! this step was like magic, i thought i was going insane there for an hour or so.
Lithium Rain (author)  RelievedatLast7074 years ago
Yay! I'm so glad it helped you!
This is an awesome instructable! I was putting up a sliding door in my house when a little piece of Sheetrock fell into my eye (I was even wearing safety glasses to prevent this!) I used your roll the eye method while holding the upper lid down and it work! Thank you very much! Keep up with the good work!!
Lithium Rain (author)  Instructadude50004 years ago
Thank you - I'm so glad it helped! You're very welcome. :)
moocowman894 years ago
THIS ONE WORKED!!!!! I had a rock in my eye for over an hour, and first try...its gone!
Lithium Rain (author)  moocowman894 years ago
A rock? Ouch. >_< I'm so happy this worked for you - thanks for letting me know! :)
Wow, I had something stuck for awhile and I couldn't sleep. I was getting so desperate I didn't know what to do. I finally went online thinking trying this would be hopeless but it worked. The roll your eye method saved me. Thank you vary much.
Lithium Rain (author)  blackkat70735 years ago
You're very welcome! Glad your eye is better! :)
AHHH!!! This totally helped instantly, after trying for 30 minutes to get something out!! I love you man-god!!! :)))
I'm so glad it helped you! Thanks for telling me! :D
Thanks again! Because during class the other day, I got something in my eye, did this trick in a few seconds and it was gone! :D
Lithium Rain (author)  Nightmare Duckie5 years ago
:D:D:D I'm glad it continues to bring joy and happiness to your life. ;D
New Years and I just flipped up  a blanket over me and something big (in comparison to say... an eyelash or the normal things that get in your eye) found it's way into my eye. I tried blinking and flushing my eye for a long time in alot of pain and decided to search google. This Instructable came up and right when i got to this step, problem solved! All I can say is THANK YOU!!! I'll definitely be using this in the future! YOU ROCK! :D 
Lithium Rain (author)  Nightmare Duckie5 years ago
That is totally awesome! I'm so glad it helped. Thanks for telling me! :D
bular5 years ago
I have been attempting to get something out of my eye for the past 3 hours, and THIS STEP just fixed it.  You are my hero, forever and ever and ever.  I love you.
Lithium Rain (author)  bular5 years ago
Man, that totally makes my day! I'm so glad it helped. :D