Step 4: Oh, dear. It's still not out?

If it is under your lower eyelid or in the corner of your eye,
hold down your lower eyelid and use the corner of a clean handkerchief or a q-tip to gently try and get it out.

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ddepuy4 months ago

I had a very annoying feeling of a foreign object in my eye for the past few hours. Pulling the upper eyelid over the lower and blinking did the trick. Thank you!

Shadow84872 years ago
I have Tried all the steps... its still not out! I'm starting to think there's nothing even in there maybe just infected

its on the bottom of my eye and its a little bit swollen-got any suggestions????
Lithium Rain (author)  Shadow84872 years ago
Oooh, yeah - if it's swollen and/or you suspect infection, best see a doctor. Be well!
Yeah ok, went to see a docter today he didnt say much just gave me an eye test, so yeah most likley a infection. Thanks for the time you put in to put those steps on this website!!! :)
Lithium Rain (author)  Shadow84872 years ago
Yikes! Glad you went to get help - thanks for updating me. :) (And no problem - I just collated resources from other sources :) )
Ok thanks
so much better today still swollen but no pain!!!:P
EyePain2 years ago
THIS STEP WORKED! Thank you so much :)