Step 4: Oh, dear. It's still not out?

If it is under your lower eyelid or in the corner of your eye,
hold down your lower eyelid and use the corner of a clean handkerchief or a q-tip to gently try and get it out.


I am not sure step was the one. I got really struggled. I did wash my eye constantly and tried to do the step 3 and after a few rubs on the towel and it went well. I'm not sure what was in my eye but sure it was scary.
#3 ?
<p>STEP 3 ACTUALLY WORKS. About to go to doctors read this step 3 tried it. About 5 or more times it was out, 4 hours of it being stuck in my eye it was sand. Thanks :)</p>
OMG! Step 3 really does work! After an hour of something I couldn't find in my eye I did step 3 and like magic it was gone!!!
<p>Step 3 worked AMAZINGLY!!! Thank you!!! Can't believe it - had a pinhead size clump of waterproof mascara stuck in the back of my eye! </p>
<p>had something in my eye for about an hour or longer, tried my eye drops and it didn't wok. Took about 5 min to get step 3 to work for me but everyone saying it worked made me keep trying. Used some eye drops for when my eye got more and more irritated from trying, now i can finally sleep!!</p>
Idk how but step 3 worked immediately. Id like to know more about how it works
<p>Step 3 worked after a few attemps, thank you so much</p>
I thought everything said about step 3 was bull when I read the comments, but trust me KEEP ON TRYING!! It took me about 8-9 tries but it worked like a charm (I had a cleanser microbead stuck in my eye) EXTRA HELP: put eyedrops in before trying any of the steps, this it will hopefully make the process go faster :)
Step 3 awesome after hours of pain and my eye swelling up finally tyy
Thank you!!!!
<p>Step 3!!! Thank you! Thank you! Wondering where it went but oh well too relieved to worry!</p>
Created this just to thank you. There's a special place in my heart for you. Step 3 is the answer to all. I'm so happy!! the object in my eye made for a very irritating and long day and you saved me. They said Jesus would come to earth again and thanks to you I am a believer! Thank you!!!!
Thank you! STEP NUMBER THREE IS A LIFE SAVER. I felt like i had something in my eye and couldn't see it or remove it. Made my eye cry like a million times and had people blow on it and nothing worked until i decided to search it up and this came up i saw in the comments about step 3 so i decided to try it and BOOM first try! Like magic it was gone. I couldn't believe after 3 hours of me ruining my make up and a red eye bugging it was gone in seconds. It was so annoying i couldn't even take a nap!!! Thank you again!
I made an account just to post this comment. I had something stuck in my eye which was causing a lot of discomfort. Step 3 is a life saver. Thank you and God bless you.
Just made an account to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for #3.
Number 3 when done properly was my Sleep Saver. Thank you, OMG thank you, here it is 321am and I didn't know what to do. I was getting so frustrated and desperate, my right eye was starting to get red and irritated from all the rubbing and saline rinses and inspections for particulates. Tried number 3. Pulled eyelid fully out and down and then looked up. Instantly cured.
<p>Just created this account to say that step 3 just saved my day! Got a piece of dirt stuck in the eye, and after an hour of uncomfortable pain, I tried step 3 and it worked immediately! Thank you!</p>
<p>OMG!!! I can't believe all it took was for step #1 and it finally came out!! I am eternally grateful!! It was in my eye for almost half a day!!! I'm so glad it was so easy! Thank you!</p>
<p>It worked!! It worked!! Step 3 did the trick. I have no idea how, but it doesn't matter - it worked. After suffering for 14 hours with a face wash/scrub microbead in my upper eyelid, step 3 finally helped. Thank you!!!</p>
<p>So glad I saw this. Flushed my eyes with water, saline solution. Nothing worked until this.</p>
<p>here's #3 in case you're like me and was not patient enough at first to actually find #3: If the particle is behind your upper eyelid, Pull your upper eyelid over the lower one and roll your eye upwards. tried everything, except this until I got frustrated looking for step 3 : ) ya, step 3 is money - thanks very very much</p>
<p>Step 3 was amazing!! Thank you so much</p>
Step 3 did it on the 4th try, freaking thank you!
I literally created an account to say this i thought the comments talking about step 3 were bots but i decided to try it and on the fourth try it finally worked. Ty
<p>A piece of dirt went in my eye last night and couldn't get it out...couldn't sleep right all night because it hurt...woke up this morning still hurting and my eye was bloodshot and watering. Tried step 3 - worked on the 5th try! Object is suddenly gone! Thank you sooo much. I was planning on going to the eye doctor today!</p>
<p>Had something behind my eyelid for hours. Tried flushing it out over and over. Found this and tried step three...I have no idea where it went, but its gone! I was beginning to think I was going to have to go to urgent care!</p>
So step 3 deserves a gold medal in this one. I was up under a sink when some porcelain bits fell into my eye. I rinsed it out with visine and still nothing. It was looking like another one of those days where you gotta put on an eyepatch and deal with it until it goes away on its own.. Literally ruined my day. Until step 3 came along!
<p>Step 3 is everything!!!! I couldn't get whatever was in my eye for the past hour and i was getting so irritated. Thank you for posting this ! I don't know how it worked but it surely did. </p>
<p>omg ❤️ Step 3 was a life saver ? I tried flushing it out with eye drops but it didn't work so I found this list and step 3 worked in seconds ??</p>
<p>Amazing! I'd had this thing in my eye for sixteen hours. I thought at first that it would just come out like normal, but apparently it had decided to move in for good. I was just about to commence some good ol' fashioned home surgery when I came across this article. Thank you Step 3 for saving my right eye! You know, my uncle's blind in one eye, so it kinda runs in the family, but I am glad I didn't have to prise the thing out. Not this time anyway... Thankfully, I'm just going to be dealing with some soreness here.</p>
<p>Thanks for this. It worked. Flushing and step 3.</p>
OMG!! Try this with a couple of eyedrops before you do it and it works way quicker!! Thanks for the tip ahhh!!
Yo so I got something in my eye, and it was driving me crazy. I tried flushing it all kinds of things. I went to bed woke up and it was still there. I was ready to go to the er, so I googled it. I read this article and tried soaking it in warm water, that also didn't work. So I gave number 3 a try, and what do you know! It came out! I was in disbelief. Thanks so much! Now it just feels like I scratched it.... Thanks again!
<p>Thank you step 3 saved me!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
I have a white piece of something in my right eye and on the outer black line of the color. I don't know what it is and it won't flush out. Any help??
Number 3 is a sanity saver! Thank you!!!
Sir !! ... step 3 is the best thing you have up ur sleeve.. its 5 45 am.. since last night this fragment got me wrecked out.. thnks a lottt
<p>As others attest, step 3 works the best!! ;-)</p>
Omg step 3 really really really made me kneel down &amp; thank god ❤️
Step 3! Was hard to get hold of upper lid but only took about 5 minutes
<p>#3 IS INDEED THE TRUTH! A whole day of suffering and on the verge of going to the er and now it's all good. </p>
<p>The comments are all true. Method 3 is a F***ING LIFE SAVER! THANK YOU KIND SIR!!!</p>
(&acute;・_・`) Id also like to point out it was method 3 that helped me... Good night all \(^o^)/
(&acute;・_・`) Id also like to point out it was method 3 that helped me... Good night all \(^o^)/
Thank you SOOO MUCH. its 5:30 am and i've had some magical little sh*t in my eye for 2 hours and thanks to you I can finally sleep (〒︿〒) im so happy you deserve a f**king oscar or something of that manner. There is a spot for you in heaven sir...... Im so tired..
Thank you for the third step ! I was going crazy :(

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