How to get stitches LIKE A BOSS!!! [blood]

video How to get stitches LIKE A BOSS!!! [blood]
Update:  This preventable accident was caused by four factors.
1. Working in a confined space with powered cutting tool
2. Having both hands in confined space with powered cutting tool
3. Loosing control of powered cutting tool
4. No protection for 'off-hand'

The specifics:  Both hands in small space, using Dremel tool with mini circular-saw blade.  I was cutting out part of a fairing when the blade stuck.  It had been doing this throughout the job, hot plastic sticks.
So I tug back on the tool, it comes free, but the back of my tool-hand found the sharp end of a #6 screw inside the enclosure.
Oww! Tool drops, blade 'skates' across my right thumb and finger.
All done before I could process 'the back of my left hand hurts'.
Today the scar is a faint white line, the thumb has a small 'numb spot'.
Thanks for the great stitching, Dr. G!
Helpful tip: learn to meditate on the pain of your healing injuries.  Seriously focus on the hurt, let your brain 'know' where the damage is, and the healing will be fast, fast, fast!   The brain/body connection is strong, but most folks shy away from pain, even avoid it.  Pain from recovering injury is good, right and appropriate.
Besides, if it really hurts bad, chances are you learn somthing!
pirobot668 (author) 2 years ago
How this happened,
I was attempting to cut away a plastic shroud in a low-temp refrigeration unit.
The new fan was bigger, so the shroud had to go.
The tool being used was a one-speed Dremel tool, with a 1" circular saw blade. Blade about 0.01" thick. Razor-saw.
Anyway, I had Dremel in my left hand, right hand was pushing the shroud for a better cutting angle.
Part way through a cut the blade bound, and I tugged it back.
The blade popped free, but my hand found a screw in the frame, and my left hand snapped open reflexively.
Unfortunately, gravity did not take the day off, my right hand not quick enough, nor wearing a glove of some sort.
Zip-zap, all done as I was just becoming aware of dropping the tool.
Turned off tool with left hand while pressing right hand onto my side, thinking to apply direct pressure.
Found a clean shop-towel, continued pressure while elevating the hand above my head.
After about a minute, looked at it. Yup, doctor time.
In less than two hours after the accident, I was stitched up with video and stills.
And 13 stitches.

The moral (hey, I'm old, I getta do this!),
Don't have both hands in a confined space with a dangerous powered cutting tool unless you don't need your 'off-hand' for anything later.
pirobot668 (author) 2 months ago

I do not believe this!

I took this down to edit it, and never put it back.



okoshima2 years ago
words can not describe how epic this is... sucks that you got injured but rocks that you filmed it for us!
pirobot668 (author)  okoshima2 years ago
Yeah, the Doctor was kind of leery of me making the video. I have a whole section in the video of me saying "no, not for liability purposes" and "private use only, will not idnetify you or hospital".
Anyway, will post 'after' pictures in a day or so.
Virtually no scar! Helps to be part reptile.
also an ideal gateway into the weird part of youtube. so double win
rimar20002 years ago
You should share the way you got the wound...
pirobot668 (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Done and done.
Thanks, pirobot668, Sadly, we NEVER finished learning...
flavrt2 years ago
You seem to be in good spirits. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Do you feel up to discussing the cause of the accident? This would be useful to those of us using rotary hand tools.
pirobot668 (author)  flavrt2 years ago
No problem discussing. See above. I have been using power tools 35+ years, and this proves that ANYONE can get hurt, at any time. Even cranky old f*rts who "know it all, done it all" can still get injured.
This was preventable....
vincent75202 years ago
Yep !
I know that feeling …
Cut a tendon with a utility knife.
Took me 8 to 10 years to recover a firm grip with all 5 fingers of my left hand !
pirobot668 (author)  vincent75202 years ago
Thank all that is, I managed to miss bone, vessels, nerves and tendons.
Killed some adipose, ripped up some skin.
Otherwise, ok.
sleeping2 years ago
She is probing the wound to see if bone is exposed. If bone is exposed to air it gets infected, osteomyelitis. As bone has poor blood flow, infections can take a long time to heal. You need antibiotics for 4-8 weeks. Without bone exposure, antibiotics for 1 week.
pirobot668 (author)  sleeping2 years ago
No bone exposure, though the good Dr. could see the bone through other tissue.
So lesson learned here is use a vise not your hand when using a cutting instrument. Been there, done that myself. Still feels weird when it gets cold on the scar area over 25 years later.