Step 2: Apply the salt

Dip your fingers that have super glue on them in water then put a small pile of salt on the super glue add some more water on the salt and rub the salt firmly in to the glue for about 1 minute it should look like a white paste.     
<p>Thanks I thought my fingers would be stuck together forever!</p>
<p>It works very well but the fine granulated salt works best. I only had sea salt which only removed the rough edges of the glue. After getting some regular salt I was able to remove the rest of the glue.</p>
It didn't really work but it did get some of it off of my wife's hands at least.
Ty worked!! Also bestie had a cut she didn't know about I laughed
I just tried this &amp; it worked great!! Use the mosr corse salt &amp; put alot on the glued fingers &amp; keep rubbing, rinse &amp; repeat as needed!! Ty
<p>i must done it wrong and or im just an idiot for getting super glue thegreen little tube all over my hands lol thx though</p>
<p>lol :D same here</p>
<p>used a lot of salt and hot water but after ten minutes of scrubbing my fingers with salt, it worked like a charm and i had a lot of glue on my hands!</p>
<p>Shiiiiit! Hhhmmmm... Welll it didn't quite work out for me! Either cuz the only salt my pops has is Morton(R) Lite Salt &quot;mixture&quot; 50%<strong> LESS SODIUM </strong>THAN TABLE SALT... lol, or, cuz i guess it just dosen't work out for everyone! Tried it out and the tips of my fingers still look like The THING from Marvel Comics.</p>
<p>can u do the same thing to get it off of otter box screens?</p>
<p>worked a tiny bit but not much so I'm guessing KRAZY glue is different from super glue.</p>
<p>I dont think you need to add the glue as a step. kind of threw me off I thought you had to use it somehow. going to try it now</p>
<p>Thank you! It was very easy to do and worked great!!!!!</p>
<p>it worked thank you I almost had 2 fingers stuck together this got the glue off my fingers, it didn't make the paste doesn't matter it worked !!! Thanks</p>
<p>This did not work, in spite of making two attempts!</p>
<p>It worked!!thanks</p>
<p>I tried it but it didn't make white paste</p>
<p>I tried nail polish remover, acetone. Didn't work hardly at all, tried the salt and took maybe 15 minutes to get it all off and it covered my thumb and hand from the tube spurting it all over. THANK YOU!!!! </p>
<p>wow thank's E1 for t6he Info tried the salt and water my father got it But he was in a hurry But took almost all of it off </p><p>Thank You for telling me about Nail polish Remover and Butter works well other's said Thank So much added this to my list of thing's to try</p>
<p>thank you that was very helpful </p>
<p>that works got it all off my fingers</p>
<p>thankyou soo much im only twelve and im always getting superglue on my fingers</p>
Any chemists in the house? <br> <br>How does this work? Is it the Na or the Cl? And what do they bind to?
<p>I guess for the abrasive action of the grains of salt.</p>
<p>hey this is really helpful gr8 idea</p>
<p>Butter works well</p>
<p>thanks it kinda worked </p>
<p>Thank you :)</p>
Well this is helpful! :D
Acetone (nail polish remover) will do the same trick.
This can be very useful, Alex. Thanks for sharing.
Yes it is my hand.
Good info, thanks for sharing.
Will test it when needed. Thanks for the tip.
Nice trick to know, thanks.

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