Mark from MJGizmos teaches you how to get the unannounced but leaked and rumored Google.com Redesign. Google has redesigned all aspects of their site, and today I will be showing you all how to get it now. 

 didnt work for me :(
 figured it out, copy paste from youtube adds spaces to the code.
 awesome... sorry about that. Please subscribe to the youtube channel!
Why subscribe to a Youtube channel when you posted this on INSTRUCTABLES?&nbsp; Can't you just post the information on this website instead?<br />
As it sits, this is borderline SPAM.<br /> <br /> Especially at the end of the video when you ask for us to go off-site, and subscribe to you. Free or not, still spam.<br /> <br /> At the least, post that javascript code in your 'ible so we don't have to go to ThatOtherSite to benefit from the instructions.<br />

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