How to Get the Scarab Gun in Halo 2





Introduction: How to Get the Scarab Gun in Halo 2

The scarab gun is the most powerful weapon in the Halo games. It has unlimited ammo, never overheats, and has a sustained firing rate, however if this weapon is fired too close to your position it will cause instant death. It's in the form of a Plasma Rifle but fires like the main cannon of a Scarab. It is found as an easter egg in the level Metropolis.



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    does any one know how to do it with out the banshee?

    thats absolutly great. i couldnt get the banshee all the way into the tunnel tho

    is there 1 on halo3?

    ya i've dual wielded the scarab guns. the second one is not that hard to get, you just need a second player and good timing.

    instructions are at

    Has FUN!!!

    did u knew that there's an other scarab gun in the same level? when the real scarab appears after youve entered the building and he shoot a tank in his laser at some place theres an other one but its really difficult to obtain it

    If you Killed sombody in Halo 3 on xbox live, it would say killed by the guardians LOL :D

    Ya and do you treat your mother like that??

    :D :D :D :D :D This is what I do with my brother everytime e play that level! It is sooo easy to do, becaue we both know our role in what we have to do. In the same level is a giant soccerball you get with the banshee, and my borther and I play with it. He uses the scarab gun, I use a wraith ;)

    sweet i will try to do this glitch...well maby not a glitch as in a very sweet trick.nice boarding skillz