How to Get the Wraith in Halo 1!





Introduction: How to Get the Wraith in Halo 1!

Instructions on how to get the wraith in halo 1.
Halo PC(not trial becuz the wraith isnt in the trial)
Halo map tools(or hacker tools your choice)
A computer(if u have a mac then it wont work)
Simple enough.

Step 1: Halo Map Tools

Open up halo map tools and open any map that has a wraith in it(for an example b40 - Assault on the control room)
and now scroll down to the Vehicles tab u should see vehicles now like a warthog a ghost and one of them should be a wraith click on that and now on the right there should be such other things and at the bottom u should see a tab called Seat click on the tab and then there should be a "0" click on it then some stuff should be checked (for an example MC Invisible is checked - Drives vehicle is checked) now there should be 3 boxes that u can type in one of them says "wraith-driver" change it to "w-driver" witch stands for Warthog driver and press save and close the map.

Step 2: Your Done

Now go ahead and take revenge of Elites that were killing u with the wraith.

Step 3: Note:

To get in the wraith look at the wraith and the elite should be standing for some stupid reason u need a good aim to kill him DO NOT USE A ROCKET! after u kill the elite in the wraith go on the left or the top side of the tank it should say "Press E to enter driver seat of Wraith" and the bad part is the wraith has health but it doesnt show Have fun though!



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    another way is to use dev mode and use the bump possession cheat ,then walk into an elite to play as him then you can get in the wraith (which has bad accuracy)

    i saw a video just like that but u cant get out once u get in and besides cheats are only for Halo: Custom Edition (Halo CE)

    CE stands for Combat Evolved, not Custom Edition

    a little late comment...

    and your kind of right but Custom Edition is also CE

    i also had this arp for xbox (action replay pro, something like that) and it had a bunch of game saves for halo to play as other characters like elites, and you dont need halo ce to play as an elite

    The reason why the elites look that way is because elites are never sceen in warthogs, so they look like that

    Mine isn't working. The message it gives me is: "There are no controls to display, because a supported tag has not been selected." Any advice? Oh, and the pictures are from a Mac.

    if HMT (Halo Map Tools) or HHT (Halo Hacker Tools) dont work try downloading: Microsoft .NET Framework