How to Get Things Done Faster




Introduction: How to Get Things Done Faster

Everyone puts things off, especially if it's boring and they don't want to spend alot of time on it. Today, I'll be showing you my method of dealing with this.

Step 1: Observe Your Mess/task

What you need to do is size up your task, and try to gauge how much time will be needed.

Step 2: Prep Your "Power Hour"

For this step what you need to do is put on a LONG playlist of your favorite music. Make sure it's long enough to last you just over an hour without you messing with it.

Step 3: Remove Distractions

Remove anything distracting. Turn off your cell phone or put it in a different room, make sure nothing will bother you while your working.

Step 4: Get in the Zone and Start Working

The whole idea of a Power Hour is to stay on track the whole time, being in the zone. Statistically speaking, if you lose focus on what your doing after being in the zone, it will take you up to five minuets to get in the zone again. What we want is no distractions so you can get the most work done possible.


Something frustrating, people who use the Power Hour method with a 3 hour task and don't finish their task blame the method. Please, if you don't finish what you had in mind in an hour then pick it up again a different time, or resume and have two back to back hours. This method works really well, but some things just take more time. Hope this was helpful, thanks!



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