How to Get to Sleep (Easily)





Introduction: How to Get to Sleep (Easily)

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This Instructable is all about getting to sleep if you're having difficulty trying. It will cover three possible reasons:

1. Excitement
2. Heat 
3. And plain old Insomnia (or anything like it)

Step 1: Too Excited to Sleep!

First of all this step covers times like Christmas eve, your wedding night, or even your birthday when you're just too excited (or nervous) to sleep. Because you know these nights are coming means you can PREPARE for them. Try some of the things in step 3 as preparation. Calm down! The most important thing is to relax and think about tomorrow as any normal day. I know it sounds silly but as you're lying there, try to regulate your breathing and concentrate on that. Clear your mind (as much as you can) and focus on a single thing like say, an animal or food you like. Try to just stay calm, sleep will come! (eventually)

Step 2: Too Hot to Sleep!

This second step is for when pesky, pesky heat tries to ruin your good night's sleep. Try turning on a fan or only having 1 or 2 blankets on and sometimes it's too hot to have ANY blankets on. This next method works really well: try having two cups beside your bed, one with water and one with a damp flannel. When you get thirsty have a sip of water (no more or you will have to get up due to bladder circumstances :D ). If you are hot, wipe the flannel on you forehead or even dampen the pillow under your head. Try to stay calm, sleep will come! (eventually)

Step 3: Just Can't Get to Sleep!!!!

Okay I know most of these methods will sound silly and hopeless but trust me in most circumstances, they work. Try having warm milk with a bit of honey. Trust me there is a special substance called Lactium that causes slight relaxation and Tryptophan which helps the sleep-inducing part of the brain. Warming it up helps these to take effect. Try counting backwards from 500. It sounds like it won't work but it can help with, well, boring you to sleep. Also try some of step one's calming down techniques. They really help.Try not to exercise or stare at a tiny screen in the thirty minutes before bed. Also DON'T PANIC. Getting to sleep may be hard tonight but don't give up! Stay calm and sleep will come! (eventually)



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    My pleasure. Thank you for your comment. :)

    I have always found that a glas of warm milk with a pinch of nutmeg and sugar added to taste works very well... or, if you don't have nutmeg, allspice works great too...

    I really liked this instructable. I have trouble going to sleep often but I don't want to take pills for it. I will definitely try these methods next time I can't go to sleep!

    3 replies

    Cool! Tell me if it works.

    I tried the milk and honey method. It worked so well I didn't have to try any of your other ideas!!

    Awesome! Often when you get in the right mind set, you're set to sleep!

    just a tip, heat the milk slowly over med to low heat until warm. the resulting milk will taste sweet and no honey needed. I had a ex that just put it over high heat and that burnt the milk solids (yes milk has solids in it) and just made it taste bad

    3 replies

    I once tried to put milk in the kettle when I was little!!

    well i did put my hand on a iron once (don't try it it hurts a lot)

    Awesome tip!

    Thanks for help to get to sleep but really I sleep all the time

    1 reply

    yeah i know [i am not a stalker i just know ice cream and HMice]

    i have to try this i love milk mmmmmmmmmmmm=)

    Great tips but for those who can't seem to calm down, we can remember to pandiculate - whoa $5 word. No worries the "p' word has been systematized as somatics exercises which are easy, gentle movements so the brain can un-lock tension and tightness so you won't be lying there thinking, "help me get to sleep".

    It's funny how the mind clears when the muscles remember to let go.

    1 reply

    Thanks, and yeah I remember when my brother had a sleeping problem, he had to tense his muscles, then let go, to relax.

    Thanks! It takes me 2 hours to sleep! I hope these methods work. I wish i had a membership. I'd give you a patch if I could.

    Thanks I wan't really sure how to go about it!