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My PS3 is 120 or 180 gigs and the games take up so little of that space and I love youtube videos. So let us combine the two in an instructable. Well I don't take many pics, my cameras broke, so this is where my print-screen button comes in. All you need is....
1. A good computer
2. A good PS3 system
3. A flash drive or in my case an ipod nano

Step 1: Youtube

Picture of Youtube

Ok so first thing is go to youtube and find the video you want. Very difficult, i know, but get to the video. On the page where the video is just copy the url. That is it for youtube.
Savevid.com and zamzar.com also works great.
spazgadget3 years ago
OR you can just visit the (specialized for ps3) youtube page on the browser...