Step 2: Use Your Local Resources

Picture of Use Your Local Resources
The first place to start is most definitely the Career Services Department - or equivalent - at your school.  As my resume evolved from my initial search for internships my junior year, to my career search my senior year, the councilors at school were a great resource.  They can do much more than just talk about your resume however.

These departments put on many events such as Professional Dress classes, Interview Practice, and Job Fairs.  I went to all of these.  Even if you don't think you need a particular class, just attending can be a great way to stay informed about other events, meet like-minded people with more great advice, and build relationships with the councilors who are in positions to send your resume to potential employers.

There are also professional organizations with great resources.   I personally loved my student membership to the Association of Computing Machinery for all of its advice and articles.  The Engineering Society of Detroit also puts on an annual job fair, however my experience was incredibly negative at this event.  Especially in this economy these job fairs are incredibly busy and crowded with people with much more experienced than a recent graduate. 

This illustrates the value of your schools local job fair.  The companies in attendance are looking for college graduates, and the only people you have to compete with are the same classmates you've been competing with all along.  It's a more comfortable experience, and probably more rewarding.