Step 5: A Few Notes On Timing

Picture of A Few Notes On Timing
With graduation in December, I started my job search in early September.  I couldn't wait to get my name out there and begin the interviews.  This experience was incredibly disheartening, since no one really wanted to talk to me until I was days away from graduation.  In fact, I didn't receive many replies until the middle of November.  Some of my early September submission were held until December.  While this isn't always the case, recruiters seem have immediate needs for positions. 

Many large companies do have recent graduate programs.  Whenever possible, find these, as they will setup to accommodate someone like yourself much better in the interview and application process.

Timing was something I had no perspective on going into my job search.  Looking back on it, I would still start, aggressively, in September.  However, if I could have known to expect the delay in responses I could have saved a lot of str