Picture of How to give your Mii Different Colored Pants
This is my first Instructable and it will tell you how to give your mii's different colored Pants! They usually are all the default color, black, but with some Hex Editing, you can make their pants some different colors.

What is a Mii?
A mii is an avatar for use on the Nintendo Wii. Mii's are made in the Mii Channel on your Wii.
Some games use mii's off of your Wii as characters in games.

What is Hex Code?
Hex Code (actually called Hexadecimal) is a number system with a base of 16 (Hex = 6 Dec = 10 6+10=16 thus the base), which uses the numbers 0-9 to represent the numbers 0-9, and the letters A-F to represent the numbers 10-15.
So when you are counting, it is: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, because A=10, B=11 and C=12 and so on.
The hex codes we are using in this Instructable look like this: 00000000 or like this: 0x00000000.
The reason the "0x" is there is because in the C programming language the "0x" before a string of numbers tells the program or whatever you are writing, that what's next is Hex (and it's a slight habit of mine...)
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Step 1: Materials and Preparation

Picture of Materials and Preparation
Wii Remote.JPG
First off, you need to have the following things:

A wii (Picture #1)
A wii Remote (Picture #2)
A Mii to use (Picture #3)
A Bluetooth Dongle (Picture #4)
A Computer (Windows XP or Vista) (Picture #5)
A free USB port for the Bluetooth Dongle

Gather all of these and you are ready to begin and move to step 2!

Step 2: Preparing your Mii

Picture of Preparing your Mii
First turn on your Wii and go to the Mii Channel.
When you are in there find a Mii that you want to get gold pants.
Press Transfer on the right side of the screen and grab the Mii you want to copy and drag him into one of the circles.
Once the Mii is on the Wii Remote we can connect it to the computer via the Bluetooth Dongle!
lolcat3606 years ago
I wish my dad would let me download stuff. I would LOVE it if i could do that. Nice instructable!
l4nd0fc0nfu510n (author)  lolcat3606 years ago
Thanks for the comment! It's too bad your dad doesn't let you download stuff. Does he use some kind of web blocker that prevents you from downloading things?
Meh, that was 3 years ago... I can download all the crap I want now. I used MiiTransfer and a flash drive on the homebrew channel and it works fine!
457paws5 years ago
it dosn't work for me(meany)
l4nd0fc0nfu510n (author)  457paws5 years ago
 What part of it doesn't work?
when you click on the "here" link, It brings up the results from some obscure search engine, Instead of the editor.
my earlier link works as of today
technoguy944 years ago
That link doesn't seem to work...
Svoboda4 years ago
im using built in dongle in hp notebook, and i cant seem to skip pairing, what pin should i enter? (HEAD SPLODES")
okrim4 years ago
it dose not work stupid
account3r24 years ago
Are there any other color codes i can use for the pants?
nbagf4 years ago
the mii editor link doesnt work : (
Can't you just transfer the mii on a jump drive instead of the remote, eliminating the need for the bluetooth dongle alltogether?
l4nd0fc0nfu510n (author)  Ender Wiggin5 years ago
 I think you can, but I don't know if that was possible when this Instructable was made. I will make a new one eventually that will use Homebrew instead of this method.
LOLicator5 years ago
HI my problem:

I connect my wiimote (works)
I download Mii trasfer and try to read slots (error)
but i can use wiinstrument for example
it says error all the time?
 ahh man! this is no help, no one on instructables has it for mac where its harder. if anyone can show one or upload one to youtube on how to do it plz tell me. my youtube account is bushgardens22. if u do i will sub. plz help me asap
Sending mii slot 0 data... ERROR help?
chilll20095 years ago
swimmer955 years ago
mine is asking for a password
yobwoc5 years ago
how do you get golden pants before you edit? XD
mattdias5 years ago
when i run readslotall, i get errors for all slots. any help?
71KR1175 years ago
You have to make sure that the mii does not mingle because you can only move (not copy) special miis.
matstermind6 years ago
when I try to get my mii's on the computer I get a bunch of errors.
l4nd0fc0nfu510n (author)  matstermind6 years ago
Could you be more specific if this problem is still occuring?
Brother_D6 years ago
So will this brick my Wii or something stupid like that?
l4nd0fc0nfu510n (author)  Brother_D6 years ago
It wont, and no, You can only get those colors as far as I know.
Ok thanks.
And also, can I get any other pants colour than gold, blue, white, or red?
matstermind6 years ago
the link to download the files to extract mii's is broken.
wait, never mind it works.
Zandoken6 years ago
Great instructable, but when I clicked the link on step 5 for the Mii editor, the actual URL is Mii editor. Simple typo, thanks again!
l4nd0fc0nfu510n (author)  Zandoken6 years ago
Oh, I'll fix that immediately. Thanks for the comment!