Have an old pair of shoes that you really like but are starting to look worn out?  The color is fading?  The color doesn't match with anything?  Want to try an affordable way to spruce up your wardrobe? 

I found the essentials to these instructions on a fashion blog called Annie Spandex.  The method of application was really great, but after doing the project myself, I realized that some more detailed instructions and ideas for how to cope with certain problems would have made the process a lot easier.  Thus, I have created this instructable to fill in the gaps and create a comprehensive guide for creating fabulous glitter shoes from start to finish. 

Warning: this is a project that will need to be completed in several sittings.  This is not a project that you do from start to finish all at once.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

What you need:
a pair of shoes
-mod podge glossy
-scotch tape
-disposable cups
-wash cloth (optional)
-water repellent (optional)

I used a pair of wedges that I bought on sale at Payless.  I really liked the style of the shoe but they were purple, a color that wouldn't match with anything I currently have in my closet.  Thus, these shoes were a great candidate for this project.  You can use any type of shoe, new or old, laces or no laces.  One thing to note: the glitter is more inclined to grab onto a textured surface like a canvas or cloth shoe rather than a smooth, glossy shoe.  You can still use the latter type of shoe, but this may require you to do more coats of glitter to get the level of coverage you want.

You can use one color of glitter or many colors.  The more colors you use, the less each color will appear on the shoe, so keep this in mind.  Personally, I am very concerned about the way my shoes match with my outfits, so I used gold and silver so it would go with both types of jewelry and accessories.  If you are a matchy person like me, you'll want to consider what colors will match with your clothes when picking out your glitter, rather than what colors will look good on the shoe itself.

All of these supplies can be found at most supermarkets like Wal-Mart or Target and at all craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

I have some awesome heels I got from Goodwill for $4, ModPodge only cost me $5, glitter 3$ &amp; some of those famous designers have shoes that look EXACTLY like mine, &amp; they run for up to $300! :0 So I have saved SO much money! Thank you so much for this instructable! It's AWESOME! <br>
<p>I'm attempting to make Ruby Slippers for my sister's birthday. xD I'm using a pair of plain black leather heels. What alternative can you use for Mod Podge? Can you use craft glue?</p>
Thanks so much for this tutorial! I had shoes sitting around that I never painted when I saw this and instantly became inspired. I put two coats of mod podge at the end just to make sure it was all sealed and then two of water repellent ?
<p>Looks awesome!! Will make soon :D</p>
<p>Thanks for posting this! I found a fun project for my wedding for all fo the bridesmaids to do!!!</p>
I made these years ago for my daughter....Ruby Red Slippers for Halloween (Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz), only I used plain old Elmers school glue. I was.surprised how easy it is to do! I like the idea of a final coat of sealant, though. At the time I remember telling my daughter to say that the scattering glitter flakes.was.fairy dust!
You Rock!!! Easy to follow instructions.. I can not wait to do my sneakers!!!! lol
Honestly I can't wait to do this with my granddaughters. They are gonna love it!
it looks cool
It makes shoes more fashional.
So excited! I found a $5 pair of flats at Wal-Mart, bought some black glitter, modgepodge, and yellow fabric paint(for the bat signal). SOoooo, making my roomie batman slippers for her b-day! THanks for the glitter info!
does it matter what material shoes are? do shoes need to be same color as glitter? or does it not matter?
I'm using very very fine glitter, and I'm having to use A LOT of it. Just a warning, if you don't want to do 42805092 coats, go with a medium grade glitter.
Thanks for the comment. I did try making a second pair with a very fine glitter and not only was that pair more difficult to make, it doesn't last as long. I would definitely recommend a chunkier, coarser glitter.
What I think I'll try, is if the glitter doesn't get a coat like I want, I'll try that tiny circular glitter on top. I'll let you know how it goes/post pictures!
ok, i know scotch brand makes all kinds of tape, but when you say &quot;scotch tape&quot; i instantly think of clear plastic tape.. this looks more like masking tape? Just for clarity...
It doesn't really matter what kind of tape you use, as long as it will easily remove from the shoe without damaging the interior of the shoe. I actually used duct tape, not scotch tape. My mistake.
Good job!! These are beautiful! Ill bet they would sparkle like diamonds if you used a mixture of all colors minus gold... plus they would go with practically anything! ::ponders, plots, and plans::
looks super cool..did you notice any problem of glitter coming off where your shoes naturally crease when walking?
The shoes I used are pretty sturdy, but so far I haven't noticed any trail of glitter or baldness on the shoes where they crease. The glue and sealant does a really good job of locking in the glitter. Obviously, the more severely your shoe creases and the more often you wear them increases the opportunity for glitter to escape, but this method of application allows for a really good lifespan of the shoe.
WOW....i'll try it at home, glitter shoes for my <a href="http://fashion-beauty.ghiboo.com/">style</a>
oh my goodness, I have to go raid my closet for a pair of shoes to glitterize! I love this!

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