Picture of How to go on Vacation without going on Vacation using Photoshop
If you want to go on vacation but you just don't have the money.... You can fake it, using Photoshop!   It will take some practice to get it perfect but you can show your friends and family as a joke or just see if you can make them believable.  The idea is to have fun, so think of where you want to go and we will get started.

** Some previous experience with Photoshop is helpful..

Tools Needed:
- Computer with Photoshop
- Camera
- Imagination

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Step 1: Find Photo's

Picture of Find Photo's
Do an internet search on people, places and/or landmarks that you want to visit. 

* You will adjust sizes later, but a 'medium' picture is a good size.
lemonie3 years ago
Wrong clothing for snow don't you think..?
You've worked with light and shadow there but I think upping the brightness (levels) from "indoor-flash" to "bright sunshine" would help blend the two a bit better.