Mineplex is a Minecraft multiplayer server. it is the most popular Minecraft server as off march 2015.

Step 1: Get on Multiplayer

1. Make sure you have internet. If you don't this won't work :)

2. Click on multiplayer.

Step 2: Add Server

1. Once in multiplayer click Add Server. As seen in the picture.

Step 3: Add Mineplex

1. Once in Add Server, make the name Mineplex.

2. Make the ip us.mineplex.com Or eu.mineplex.com and click done.

Step 4: Get On

1. click on Mineplex and click Join Server.

2. can take 5 to 20 seconds to join.

<p>mine Mineplex keep's saying that it needs internet and by the bars it say's 1.8.</p><p>will I need 1.8 to play then?</p>
<p>why I cannot go</p>

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