Picture of How to go to Sleep Fast

Getting to sleep isn't always easy. Here are some ways that help me get to sleep.

Step 1: Listening to Calm Music

Picture of Listening to Calm Music

Listening to peaceful music often helps me go to sleep faster. It distracts the mind and blocks out unwanted noises.When listening to music, wear comfortable headphones and listen at a low volume.

1ph0n33 years ago
I use to hear audio books, podcasts or audio drama. It works fine, I´m falling asleep within 5 to 10 Minutes. It´s like a sleeping pill (never took one;-) without adverse reactions.

Greetings from Germany
Flamp1x2 years ago
I always have trouble sleeping. Thanks alot
*lays in bed and reads this article* (Lol)
ethanchogn2 years ago
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lemonie3 years ago
Why do you want to sleep (when you aren't feeling like doing so)?

There are many reasons. Mine is that I'm a night owl that has an 8-5 job. So even if I don't feel like going to sleep at night, I know that I have to in order to be worth anything in the morning.
It's about timing then?
Now it's 21:30, I'll stay up for a couple of hours, but probably wake up too early at 5:30 or something. You only need what you need...

lemonie lemonie3 years ago
Yes, that's what happened.