Picture of How to go to Sleep Fast

Getting to sleep isn't always easy. Here are some ways that help me get to sleep.

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Step 1: Listening to Calm Music

Picture of Listening to Calm Music

Listening to peaceful music often helps me go to sleep faster. It distracts the mind and blocks out unwanted noises.When listening to music, wear comfortable headphones and listen at a low volume.

Step 2: Drink Tea

Picture of Drink Tea

Drinking hot chamomile or another herbal (non-caffeinated) tea is proven to releave stress and calm the body. Also, drinking warm milk before bed has similar effects.

Step 3: Exercise

Picture of Exercise
Exercising several hours before going to sleep cause your body to relax and makes you tired. Running, swiming, walking, and sports are all good ways to get exercise during the day.

Step 4: Reading

Picture of Reading
Reading is a great way to relieve stress. Try to find a boring thing to read because that works even better.

Step 5: Count Sheep

Picture of Count Sheep
This actually is a good way to get to sleep for some people. It helps because it takes your mind off of other things and eventually bores it to sleep. You can always count something else if sheep are too boring. Like purple dinosaurs or walking brocoli people. Anything works.

Step 6: Other Ways

Picture of Other Ways
If the other steps didnt help, try some of these...

Take a hot bath before bed
Do some boring homework
Try tensing your body and relaxing for 15 seconds
Get up and take a walk/relax on the couch

I hope this instructable was helpful! If there is anything you would like to add or reccomend just leave a comment below. Also please rate and subscribe. Thanks and goodluck!