Drive-in movies are rare in this day and age, but luckily there is one close by. The West Wind Solano theater is a great place for a drive in movie. We saw Iron Man 1&2 there and saw Spider- man 3, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train your Dragon, The Lightning Thief, and much more.

     My family loves it because you can go for about $7 for adults and kids under 11 for $1. Also you get to see two movies. We go in our van and fill it with pillows, pop the trunk and watch or bring  a truck and our couch. We know how to go in style to the drive-in and the best ways to sit and be comfertable.

Step 1: Things to Bring

Do Not forget these key Items:
-Sleeping Bag
-Light up toys
-Car with mostly full batery
-warm clothes
-Cell phone
-Something Comfortable to sit on

Optianal Items To bring:
-camp table
-small grill
-board games
-or any thing eles you think you need.

Then load Your Car.
A guitar is also a good one to bring
Gee, I remember real drive-ins from when I was a kid where they had the speakers that you parked next to and placed in your partially rolled down window.
One thing to bring around here is bug spray.<br />
Lol@bringing a couch.<br /> Really nice idea, mightbe you could make this permanent. I&nbsp;mean, get a couch that would tight-fit on the truck, and something to cover it when it's raining outside.<br />

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