This instructable will teach you how to grip a skateboard. It is most convenient to grip a skateboard on a work bench such as the ones found at TechShop.
Materials needed:

razor blade
screw driver

Step 1:

First, have your file and razor blade in hand. Carefully peel the griptape from its paper. Save the paper, it will be used in a later step.
Oh my god I hope you see this. It is so freaking crazy that you chose THAT BOARD to do this tutorial on THIS SITE.
Oh my god. Your board is one of 5 in the world. I have one too. The design is by a man named Charley Harper. The design was used as a poster for a fundraiser at a school I was going to in Costa Rica. Habitat made it into a board. I saw a guy at a mall and offered him 100 bucks for it because it was meaningful to me. He said no. I had to drive 300 miles to find another. It's a crazy coincidence that you too have this board. If you want to see the poster look at my Instagram Jack_wuz_here. I'm flipping out right now. <br>
one thing I've found that helps a lot is to pull off the backing in sections as you press it down
Awesome stuff! Was thinking to do one as well, but we may just link to yours :)
Great first instructable! :)

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