How to Grow a Beard!





Introduction: How to Grow a Beard!

Vital instructions on growing a fantastic beard

Step 1: Be Clean Shaven

To grow a beard, you might first want to start off with a clean slate!

Step 2: Most Important Step!

The most important of all steps, don't shave!
No matter what romantic circumstances, or important job opportunities, do not shave at any point!

If you are a female or are unable to grow a beard skip to step 4!

Step 3: Enjoy Your Beard!

Now, after a few months, take the time to really appreciate what your face has created.
Be sure to comb and maintain your beard and be prepared to reap all of the benefits that having a beard comes with.

-More facial respect
-Warmer during the winter
-Ability to catch food scraps

The list goes on and on!

Step 4: If You're a Female.....

Now, if you are a female and you still want the satisfaction of growing a beard then you can take male hormones that would increase facial hair or you can go to your nearest costume shop and get a fake beard!



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    Not a bad effort of a beard there

    Way was this Ible not featured? Awesome beard, you could almost pass for a hipster.