How to Grow a Crystal





Introduction: How to Grow a Crystal

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in this Instructable I will show you how to grow a crystal.
(the picture below is a little blurry but the crystal looks beautiful when the facets catch the light)
Items needed
Food coloring
measuring implements

Step 1: Make Your Gethering Implement

the gathering implement gathers all the tiny crystals.

Step 2: Heat Up Some Water

heat ups some water so that when you add the borax it will disolve.

Step 3: Add Coloring

add 4-6 drops of food coloring i used blue but you can use any color but blue stands out the most.

Step 4: Add Water

add some water it doesn't amtter how much about half it good but I will leave that up to you.

Step 5: Add Borax

add 10-12 table-spoons of borax 1 at a time and stir inbetween.

Step 6: Add Button

just put your button on the pencil in the jar.

Step 7: After 2 Hours

this is what it looks like after 2 hours.

Step 8: Finished!

now you are finished when you are done your crystal is done you should take it out when it looks like the picture below.



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    I tried it and it didn't really look like a crystal :( it looked like a blob of blue, pressed-together sand.

    I Did this for My Science Expierement And Iht Grew I Was So Happy :) And Mines Is Blue Just Like That . :) !

    Hey, can I, by using a lot og water a lot og borax Them create a EXTRA BIG bulky and pointy rough shapes crystal? And by using no colour make it a clear crystal? ;)
    And if its possible, do I then have to be careful with it, cause' I wanna use it for a fantasy movie/video about a magic crystal, but the wielder of it only has to have it in hos hands, let a dude lie his hans on it, and the wielder needs to raidet it to sky in his hands ib the end?

    umm i would like to see a video next time instead of a slide show i don't know what you are showing me. 

    could you plz take some pics in macro? almost all cameras have the setting, and we'd be able to see what the crystals look like.

    I tried to make a borax crystal today, but the project failed miserably. The instructions would have been much more helpful if they contained more specific information. For instance: What's the proper ratio of borax to water? Must I use a "seed" made of plastic or will any material work? As I added the borax to the water, I was very careful to make sure it was completely dissolved before adding the next tablespoon full. As I mixed the solution, a slight suds developed (but eventually dissipated). By the time all of the borax was added, the solution was sort of thick and cloudy. Was it supposed to be that way? Also, when I added the seed, I wasn't sure whether to submerge it or allow it to sit on top of the solution. After approximately 2.5 hours, I lifted the seed out of the jar to check its progress. I was very disappointed. The result did not resemble a crystal at all. I returned it to the solution, but within minutes the solution went from cloudy to clear and nothing more developed on the "crystal." I had fun trying this, but surely would have had more fun if it worked.

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    Yes, the solution was supposed to be cloudy. And also, you needed to submerge the seed, which could probably be another material (though I have never tried it myself). Hope that helps :)

    Hi, always I ask the same question, is it fragile? how long we can keep it without wrapping? Can we decorate any drawing with them on a frame without coveing it? please reply. Thanks

    well actually if the sulphate is flameable in the right conditions and is poisonus to eat

    well for the sugar candy you need to get the mixture just right and the crystal growing kits are expensive and the copper sulphate and aluminum is dangerous but this way is easy, fast and inexpensive also this stuff isn't flammable like the sulphate.

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    I wasn't complaining, I was just wondering. Copper sulfate isn't flammable, and the aluminum salts I mentioned aren't dangerous, BTW; not moreso than borax, anyway.

    This is the first time I've seen someone grow Borax crystals. Interesting. What other household chemicals have people had crystal-growing success with? The classic is Alum ("potassium Alum", or potassium Aluminum sulfate), but that isn't nearly so "household" as it used to be. The other ingredient the in the "space age" crystal growing sets is mono-ammonium phosphate, which is also not so household. (the other "styles" of crystals in space-age sets are one of these with assorted additives for color.) Sugar makes rock candy, maybe. Salt crystals are nice but don't get very big (use kosher salt to avoid additives!) There are common "pure" fertilizers (ammonium sulfate, for example), and pool chemicals (aluminum sulfate) that might be promising - has anyone tried them? What else?

    THAT. IS. FREAKING. AWESOME!!!!! Great job! Need to get some Borax, then I will try this out. Some pictures are blurry, but I could understand it atleast. Very nice job! (added to favorites)