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Hello! This tutorial will show you how to grow apple trees straight from seed.

So first, here are some things you should know:
-If you grow an apple tree from seed, it probably won't grow the same type of tree. This is because apple seeds don't grow true, which means that every seed is unique.

-Seeing as they ARE trees and all, this will take quite a long time to do.

-Statistically there is only a 30% chance of the seeds successfully germinating, and even if they do, a lot of them may die off. I started off with around twenty, and within the first month or so the numbers went down to 5. If you try this and it doesn't work the first time, don't be scared off! try again.

-You also aren't guaranteed that the apples will taste good. If they don't, you might be able to use them for something else!

Now, to start!

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Step 1: Germinating the seeds

Picture of Germinating the seeds
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So first, here is a list of what you need:
-A plastic sandwich bag
-Somewhere cold, like a fridge.
-Paper towel/napkins

So first, eat the apples! Get the seeds from the apples. We have an apple cutter so I just cut it and gently cut the core in half(so I wouldn't damage the seeds) and took the seeds out.
Wash the seeds. You will need to do this to wash off any apple remains, as they will make the seeds rot.
Now, get a paper towel, or napkins. Stick it under the faucet for a bit so it gets damp. Make sure its all wet, and then squeeze as much water out as you can. Stick the seeds on the napkin, and then fold it up.

And then put it inside of a sandwich bag. Stick it somewhere in the fridge and leave it there for a month or two. Apple seeds need a period of cold. During the fall, apples that fell on the ground will decay, and then when they do, the apple seeds are in there. They are left there through winter, and then they start to sprout in the spring. This is why you need to put the seeds in the fridge, they are sort of programmed to only germinate after a period of cold.
Make sure to occasionally check the bag to make sure the napkin is still moist, if not, add a bit of water to it and stick it back in.

After a month, I checked my seeds and they all sprouted! But if they haven't sprouted within the two month stratification, take them out and moisten the paper towel, and then place the bag on a windowsill(or wherever it will get good sunlight) and blow some air into it so it creates a mini-green house.

Leave them in the bag until they sprout. They should start sprouting at around two weeks. After a month and a half, if they all have not sprouted, the ones that haven't probably never will. You can pitch them if you wish.

greentrees1 year ago

Excellent information thanks :)

farmerboyk (author)  greentrees7 months ago
Thanks! it was very interesting to make. you're welcome! :)
Ranie-K1 year ago
I believe one of these photos belong to someone else. Am I wrong?
farmerboyk (author)  Ranie-K8 months ago

Yes, it does belong to someone else. I did however mention where it was from.

farmerboyk (author)  wstringham8 months ago

The seeds have to go through the cold period to sort of 'activate' themselves. If they've sprouted already, this means they've basically been 'activated', and are ready to be planted!

Jobow1 year ago
Yes, you can grow an apple tree from the seeds. The problem is that you can not guarantee the apples that come from that tree will be worth eating.

Orchards take cuttings from only the best trees to grow new apple trees.

The cool thing about cuttings are that you can have multiple varieties of apples growing from one tree if you graft the limbs together.

Best of luck.