Step 2: Planting the seeds

Once the seeds have sprouted, go ahead and plant them. When planting, you will want to plant them with the root that popped out facing down. When you are first planting them, it should be alright to have up to three per container. But once they get big enough, you need to transplant them into individual pots. Once you have placed the seeds, just cover them in a thin layer of soil. (Don't just sprinkle it, but don't make it an inch thick.)

I suggest planting them in pots until they are big enough so that they don't get mistaken as weeds or something and get destroyed, and bringing them indoors before trees start to go dormant so that they can continue to grow.

If you do bring them indoors for winter, you will want them to be in front of your brightest window. Don't place them where there is shade, or they will not get enough sun. South facing windows are the best, as they get the most direct sun.

In the picture, I have a pop bottle cut to make a mini-greenhouse. You do not have to do that.

<p>Thanks for this tip I have about twenty apple tree sprouts on my first try and now have twenty trees in my yard!!!:)</p>
<p>thank you I have 3 spring rabbits and they love apples lol</p>
<p>Thank you! This works so well!</p>
<p>Should the bag that I place the seeds in be a zip-lock bag or a grocery store bag; should there be air left in the bag or should the air be pushed out? </p>
<p>it dosent matter as long as its clear ..also leave air inside bag</p>
<p>Excellent information thanks :)</p>
Thanks! it was very interesting to make. you're welcome! :)
I believe one of these photos belong to someone else. Am I wrong?
<p>Yes, it does belong to someone else. I did however mention where it was from.</p>
<p>The seeds have to go through the cold period to sort of 'activate' themselves. If they've sprouted already, this means they've basically been 'activated', and are ready to be planted! </p>
Yes, you can grow an apple tree from the seeds. The problem is that you can not guarantee the apples that come from that tree will be worth eating.<br><br>Orchards take cuttings from only the best trees to grow new apple trees.<br><br>The cool thing about cuttings are that you can have multiple varieties of apples growing from one tree if you graft the limbs together.<br><br>Best of luck.

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