Step 2: Creating a miniature garden!

Once the seeds have sprouted, you can plant them! It's cold here so I couldn't plant them outside. What I did, was I have a plastic bottle. I cut it a little bit before halfway up where it starts to round, so I can close it again.

Fill it a few inches full of dirt/potting soil. In my case, I will be using potting soil.
Water it a bit, and then put your seeds in there. It might not be big enough for like, 5, so you can get another bottle.
Once you've done this, take the top that you cut off, and stick it in upside down or tape it back to its original spot. Leave this closed for 2 or so days, and then open it for around half a day so it gets air, and then repeat. Water it every few days.

After a while, one water bottle isn't going to be enough room for 3 saplings, so take the weakest two out and replant them.

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