How to Grow the Worlds HOTTEST Pepper (Ghost Pepper)





Introduction: How to Grow the Worlds HOTTEST Pepper (Ghost Pepper)


I Understand that the Ghost Pepper is no longer the world's hottest pepper, but it was when ever this Instructable was written. You do not need to remind me in the comments :D. However, these instructions Will work for any other Chili Peppers.

Want something really hot to spice up your food?Or just wanna do somthing plain stupid? Well the Ghost pepper is the right thing for you!The best part is though, if you follow these instructions, you too can grow the ghost pepper!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
-Peanut Butter jar
- A pot with the width of the peanut butter jar
-Some sort od utility Knife
-A container that the pot will fit in
-Moderate sunlight
-Seed starting mix of potting soil
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue
-Plastic Wrap

Step 2: Soak Seeds

Place your seed in in a container of water over night to soften it. Make sure the seed isnt just floating on the top. This means that you may have to break the surface tension, or add a slight amount of weight to make it sink.

Step 3: Plant!

You are now ready to plant! To start, fill your pot with the soil about a centimeter from the top. Next, set the seed on top of the soil and sprinkle with more soil until covered. Now you can spray it with water.

Step 4: Create a "Hot House" Enviroment

The Ghost pepper, Actual name Bhut Jolokia, is native to India, which is a very hot and humid place. This means that we must recreate this enviroment in order to grow it. To do this, we must do several things. First, cut the bottom of the peanut butter jar with the knife. Next, Glue this to the Pot.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now put the plastic wrap on the top, and water only when the soil is a light brown, which is usually about every three days. Set in a warm window. After the plant sprouts in 10-30 days, start watering it by putting the container under the pot and letting the water absorb through the bottom. Again though, only water when needed. So, there you have it! Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

Step 6: Ghost Pepper Growth- the Sprout



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    when do I start these plants… I live in wilmington nc. when do I transplant to garden?

    did you ever get to start planting those peppers? i just moved to leland and i've got a few growing in pots but these were started elsewhere. i was wondering if you had any tips for this general region.

    You can start these whenever you want, as long as they remain humid. They are safe to transplant after the last frost of the winter (for places that actually have a risk of frost)

    can i use a grow light instead of a peanut butter jar

    Very nice instructable. I use a similar method to start my Bhut Jolokia seeds. Very effective. The main thing for good germination is, heat which is provided by the jar and the sun of course and moisture. Once you have them going it's not too difficult to keep them alive. I liked this instructable very much.

    Just to be clear, the final step you mention putting the pot over the can so the water can be absorbed from the bottom? What exactly did you mean?

    Sorry I didn't see your comment. What I meant was to fill a dish with water and set the pot in it. Since there are holes in the bottom of the pot, the water will "absorb" into the soil above and keep the roots moist

    Dear author, It will be great if you can write new article about "How to grow other hottest peppers from this website : " What do you think?

    Yeah, I've debated that for a while now, and I think that you are right ;)

    Except the Ghost pepper isn't the hottest anymore. The Carolina Reaper is. You can buy seeds at