Step 2: Set,

Now extract Rompatcher zip file and install Lite version
open it after installation and accept all patches
Now it's ready!
Didn't work <br> <br>First of all it was difficult finding signed x-plore. <br>As mentioned &quot;just go to options, open quarantine files and restore all files&quot; it wont let me open options. <br>Tried running ROM patcher either ways but that of course gives error.
I must mention that I am using Nokia 5800
yes i know!!! If it doesn't work, search on google &quot;How to flash Nokia 5800 firmware&quot; and &quot;Nokia 5800 custom firmwares&quot; and flash it <br>Many custom rom's have ROMPatcher built-in
the application TM Security wont work (opens and hangs). Also wont let music player work untill uninstaled!!?
dafuq? That's strange... What firmware version are you using? (type to keypad *#0000#)<br>It should be 60.0.003
x-plore: www.lonelycatgames.com <br>Do ur stuff(quarantine files) <br>Just install tm security and open it <br>Open it and select options(left &quot;soft&quot; key) <br>So, why it's so hard for you?

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