How to "hack" Tap Fish 2 Without Jailbreaking


Introduction: How to "hack" Tap Fish 2 Without Jailbreaking

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Have you ever been bored out of your life by playing Tap Fish 2, because you couldn't buy all the cool fish? You knew how but you didn't know how to jailbreak? This instructable shows a easy way to "hack" Tap Fish 2 without jailbreaking your iDevice. Basic HTML or XML understanding is recommended, but anyone can do this. Just saying, I do not own any software that is spoken on this (including Tap Fish 2 itself) if this is copyright, you may delete this.

Step 1: Get the Program

You will need to download a program called iExplorer. It detects your iDevice as a external hard drive (like a usb plug) and lets you modify the system files! WARNING: Whatever you do with this program is at your own risk. Don't come crying to me saying "I messed up my iPhone!!". You can get this program at

Step 2: Enter IExplorer

Plug in your iDevice to your computer and start up iExplorer. Wait 10 seconds. If nothing pops in iExplorer, un-plug your iDevice and repeat this step.

Step 3: Now for the Fun Stuff

Close out of Media and enter Apps. Now enter com.gameviewstudios.fishlifeplus and then enter Next search for the two files localstore.xml and localstore_en.xml. Drag them on your desktop and Right Click localstore.xml and choose Open With Wordpad or any other text editor. I used Visual Basic 2008 (cause I like it). Don't do Notepad, I tried it. Scroll down to the green snapper. Look for the <price pricetype="coins">10.0</price> and change the 10.0 to -999999999. Now go for the yellow snapper and look for <price pricetype="coins">15.0</price and change the "coins" to "fishbucks" and change the 15.0 to -999999999. Press control + A (command + A on mac) and then press control + C (command + C on mac). Open localstore_en.xml, hit control + A (command + A on mac) and then press control + V (command + V on mac) Save it, drag the two files back in iExplorer, say yes to everything. Unplug your device and exit out of iExplorer.

Step 4: Test It

Go into Tap Fish 2 and try buying a green snapper and a yellow snapper. Now look at your money. Amazing, isn't it? WARNING: You may mess up your Tap Fish 2 game by buying too much green snappers and yellow snappers. Only buy them when you are running out of your money (somewhere about 5,000 coins, 1,000 fishbucks). I hope you had fun with this!

Step 5: Messed Up Your Game?

You messed up your game? No problem. Click the pointer button on the bottom right screen of tap fish 2. Now click "About Tap Fish 2". Next click the restore game button. If you followed this, you got the money but you can't buy anything with it? Restart your tap fish 2 game and then repeat steps 2-4, but when you type the -999999999 type in -100 in its place and buy many of green and yellow snappers. There, problems fixed! If you still have problems post in the comments bellow.



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    Have you noticed that you can't change FB and XP anymore by just editing user table? Any ideas?

    I have purchased iexplorer and followed all of the instructions. The xml files are empty when I open them in WordPad and Notebook. Properties show the size of them is 0. I tried dragging, then exporting to the desktop. Same thing each time.

    When all else failed, I tried exporting the whole folder to a separate directory folder on my pc. iexplorer stalled on the localstore_en.xml file. After 20 minutes I closed out iexplorer. Have tried on both IPad (Next Gen) and Iphone 3GS with the same results.

    Is there something else I need to do in order to make this work? I hate to think I spent $34.99 to get "free" fish bucks and have nothing to show for it.

    1 reply

    iexplorer when I made this only the free version existed, and I wouldn't expect anybody would pay ANYTHING using this tutorial. First of all, this doesn't work anymore, and second of all you wasted your money. Sorry.

    I can get you unlimited bucks, coins, exp points and level. :-) Diff method

    1 reply

    Hey so i downloaded iExplorer, everything, dragged the 2 files to my desktop, opened them in wordpad and when i done this, there is no data in any of the files.. Am i doing something wrong? :/

    Has anyone figured out how to hack this after the recent update to the app? I attempted it with the localstore_en.xml and the localstore_ja.xml, and nothing changed in the app itself. Any new info would be great! Wonderful tutorial btw, easiest by far!

    Thankyou voltageMANIAC for your fantastic ideas and step by step instructions.

    I have only just yesterday read your instructions being new to tap fish 2. I am wondering if a recent Tap Fish 2 update might have changed things a bit. There no longer appears to be a localstore.xml although there is a localstore_en.xml (english) and localstore-ja.xml (Japanese I guess) I did a search on the other directories as well and it does not exist. Changes in the English and Japanese xml files make no difference to the game so I am wondering if the fish prices etc are now downloaded from the server everytime one opens the game or if they are saved elsewhere as soon as one opens the game for the first time.

    Have you noticed any change?

    Kind Regards


    1 reply

    I noticed the same thing. I had used this hack before the update and noticed that the update changed my prices back so tried to re-hack it using this method. It didn't work. I'd love to know how to work around this because now I have very low coins/bucks.

    I tried this a few days ago on a 3GS. I wasn't greedy and went with the 100 instead of the 9's on the yellow snappers - I'm lvl 43 and really just need the bucks not coins. It seemed to work perfect, however as I finished filling the 2nd tank I realized I was also getting a -99 exp with each one I bought! I haven't seen anything mentioned about experience, is this supposed to happen? Also yesterday I noticed I now have 2 sets of additional backgrounds BUT half of them are different from the originals. Any thoughts or ideas as to what's happening. Thanks!

    2 replies

    I honestly don't know. But it doesn't really affect your gameplay

    I have noticed the same thing. Now after the update this week I had further problems. I had to reset the game (because I didn't like one of the fish I got in the spinning wheel) and I lost 4,000 bucks. And everything I had done in the game throughout the day. And the fish I had bred. Crazy.
    I also got the different backgrounds. That was nice.
    Anyone has been experiencing problems after the update this week?

    my beginner fish are gone completely I tried to restore still gone damn!

    1 reply

    Why are they gone? I guess you have to start over but with this instructable you can start over easily

    Tip: instead of copying and pasting one file to the other - just go to each separately and make the same few changes.
    Reason: when I did the copy and paste thing - for some reason my store would show (in decorations menu) "tank basics2", "castles2", etc. Not sure exactly why this happened, but when I would try to purchase something from any "2" menu - it would say "cannot connect to server". It didn't cause any other problems except making the store menu all crowded w/useless menu choices - but I started from step 1 and just made the changes (without copying and pasting) and : problem solved.
    Hope this helps.

    Worked on windows 7 for me! iDevice was being sort of buggy and youd have to let it think after dragging the files for a minute or it would crash.

    im going through this step by step but its still not working what do i do

    1 reply

    I know this step is a little hard. That is why it is helpful to know at least the basics of html

    when i try to open com.gameviewstudios.fishlifeplus, i get an error message saying the ios devise appears to have reached its limit of connecting to 5 app directories, please reconnect the devise or restart iexplorer to access this directory. it does it every time please help me....

    1 reply

    This kept happening to me when i downloaded iExplorer. I just quit out of it and tried again. Remember, don't open any other directories. Well, you can, but that is the main problem