Is your internet to slow on XP well now we will change this.
Sorry about no images do not have a good camera.

Step 1:

Open up the Registry Editor by clicking the Start Menu and selecting Run. Then type regedit in the text box and click the OK button
funny how people complain instead of lending a hand why don't you use that energy making pics for his post and send them to him so he can fix maybe even send pics on how you captured the images because sometimes we step over the small parts over look the standard which is when we need the hand of a fellow human
It's kinda funny about the MS Paint thing, being that i had the same problem a few weeks ago... Paint miraculously disappeared from my start/programs/accessories menu, where it is put by default. After a an extremely small amount of research on google, i found the executable file name. <br> <br>So, if you can't find paint in Windows XP by clicking Start, All Programs, Accessories. <br> <br>Click Start, Run, and type mspaint.exe <br> <br>If you want to take a screenshot using this, get the screen the way you want it (full screen, unless you want your desktop to be part of the picture). <br> <br>Open MS Paint, one way or another. <br> <br>Push the &quot;print screen&quot; key on your keyboard <br> <br>Then, on your keyboard, press CTRL + V <br> <br>Now save the file (while in ms paint) to a location you will remember easily.
Honestly, if you can't find paint, you probably shouldn't be messing around with the registry of a computer.
How about hit the print screen key and then paste to MS Paint??????
I know that there is a &quot;be nice&quot; policy, but I've something to say. This is a piss-poor 'ible. There are many, many free screenshot tools. And really? Pictures of shoes and a gun made in paint?<br><br>What should be done is showing how programs such as Ccleaner clear the cache, and allow faster browsing. Alternate web browsers should be suggested. Discuss how hardware and software are bottlenecks to speed. A 9-step 'ible on an unnecessary registry hack is ridiculous.
Why do you suddenly say &quot;RemoteComputer&quot;? <br><br>This trick is not applicable to a local computer?
You don't need a camera for this. You need a computer to take screen shots of the various steps.
i tried that but i could not find paint to put all the pictures in i wouldive put them on here but i could not find paint to open them in
Irfanview is a free photo viewer with a lot of abilities for cropping and otherwise adjusting the image. I used it almost daily at work for photographing old maps and making them print well.

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