Early one morning I was at work (in a small center city coffee shop), brewing a large tub of ice tea. For some reason it seemed like a great idea to have my Ipod in my hand while I was trying to move the tub. The details are a little hazy, but somehow the Ipod ended up in the boiling hot tub of tea. Although it can't play any longer I kept it for a year before disassembling it in the hopes that one day it would work again.

When I finally did crack the Ipod open I guess I thought I would suddenly know the secrets of Mac and expertly fix my ipod. I quickly realized how technology illiterate I am and needed a new plan of action. I have finally found it a purpose. Your broken Ipod can now have a second life too as a case for an HPDA, cigarettes, wallet & whatever you can fit in it really. I was inspired by the cigarette case by TulipSociety's Tara.

To do this you really shouldn't need any extra materials. Whatever you have should be fine.

What you will need:
an Ipod
adhesive that will bond to metal (epoxy, zap-a-gap, superglue)
hinge and clasp (fabric, ribbon, paper, actual tiny hinges and clasps?)
something to pry the ipod apart with (I used a tack.)
tiny screwdrivers for impossibly tiny screws (or the tip of a dull Exacto blade)

black paint

Step 1: Hacking Into the Ipod

Youll need something thin and sharp enough to get between the Ipod halves and thick enough to loosen them. I used a tack at the bottom of the Ipod. Once it was split I ran it up the sides of the Ipod until there was a space large enough to pry with my fingers or a screwdriver or whatever you have laying next to you.

Once you get it open, enjoy adventuring through a tiny little world of technology.
I wasn't thrilled with the way the hinge came out either. The magnets are a really good idea. It's a very clean look.
Hey. <br/>Nice instructable. I made one. :D But i used magnets instead of the hinge.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://jared-scotland.blogspot.com/2009/07/recycling-old-ipod.html">http://jared-scotland.blogspot.com/2009/07/recycling-old-ipod.html</a><br/>Thanks for the inspiration.<br/>J<br/>

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