How to mod and old flashlight into an LED one

Step 4: Close and enjoy

Picture of Close and enjoy
Now just close the lid in which you fitted the LEDs and be ready for the light!!

If you decide to do it, please try to do it cleaner than mine!! Consider mine as a first attempt to be improved.
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unistrut10 months ago

I did basically the same thing, but also bought a 3v to 5v DC/DC converter. It's the size of a small postage stamp and fits nicely inside the head of the flashlight. Really helps with the brightness and, I don't know if yours did this as well or not, it solves the problem of the flashlight not providing full brightness until you've wiggled the switch around a bit.

omega23JP5 years ago
sweet  ,   leds rock  ,   here is a torch i converted before i knew of instructables
Terrific idea, can't wait to try it out!   :)